Green IT for sustainability

The reduction of CO2 emissions offers enormous potential for the future viability of companies: in terms of regulation, costs and public image. Based on a dedicated and tried-and-tested process model, metafinanz ensures greater sustainability from development to architecture. Our green framework MMIGIT™ systematically makes your IT cleaner.

CO2 reduction: compulsory and optional all in one

The time for more sustainability is now!

We can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your IT operations and achieve your sustainability goals.

By strategically improving energy efficiency, your company can also minimise its environmental impact. But that's not all: this is also an opportunity to utilise resources efficiently, save costs and at the same time meet current and future regulatory requirements. All of this has a lasting impact on the future viability of your company.

How metafinanz supports you

With our specially developed MMIGIT™ (Maturity Model Integrated Green IT), we determine the sustainability status of your IT operations, develop your green IT guidelines, advise you on the implementation of appropriate solutions and thus support you in reducing your carbon footprint.

What is MMIGIT™ and what is it good for?

MMIGIT™ is a model developed by metafinanz that is being further developed in collaboration with Munich University of Applied Sciences. It represents the maturity level of IT processes with regard to sustainability aspects. With MMIGIT™, our experts support companies in achieving, defining and realising sustainability goals.

The Maturity Model Integrated Green IT (MMIGIT) from metafinanz

Every journey begins with the first step: it's all about measurement

"You can't steer what you can't measure." This also applies to IT sustainability and CO2 reduction initiatives.

Our approach: We measure the energy consumption of your applications during operation. Using the MMIGIT™, we determine the current maturity level of your IT in terms of its energy consumption. Based on the MMIGIT™, we work with you to develop the next steps towards green IT, for example in terms of cloud usage, optimising the software architecture, introducing green coding guidelines and numerous other disciplines.

Are you ready for Green IT?

We use our model to determine the process maturity level of your software products with regard to Green IT.

This is assigned to one of the following five maturity levels - analogous to the Capability Maturity Model (CMMI®).

We then work with you to define the next steps. The aim is for your company to reach the next maturity level.

  • Initial
  • Repeatable
  • Defined
  • Managed
  • Optimising

The MMIGIT in detail

Location shifting: On the hunt for green energy

Location shifting is a concrete example of a measure for more sustainable IT operations. For companies that are already at an advanced stage in their IT sustainability journey, this offers the opportunity to distribute resource-intensive processes across different data centres. This is an extremely effective option. This is because in locations where a lot of renewable energy is fed into the power grid, the amount of CO2 emissions is low. Regional weather forecasts are used to determine suitable locations for energy utilisation. If it is very windy in a region, a lot of green energy is available. Accordingly, the relocation of IT services to the local data centre also optimises CO2 emissions.

We work with you to design an IT sustainability strategy that is customised to your company.

The expertise of metafinanz combined with its own MMIGIT™ model provides companies with everything they need to achieve IT sustainability.

You prepare your organisation for upcoming regulatory requirements for sustainable IT operations at an early stage.

Making the best possible use of available resources not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also saves costs in the long term.

Sustainability and future viability go hand in hand. We show you the knowledge and the way for Green IT Guidelines.

Contact us.

We look forward to working with you to make your company more sustainable.

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