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Agile Organizational Development

Shaping the work of the future together

The Covid Crisis has changed the world of work. Speed, flexibility and effective collaboration are more critical than ever. Agile organizations demonstrate adaptability and resilience in the face of new challenges.

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Our Commitment

Striving for tomorrow´s success

“The future has many names: For the weak, it means the unattainable. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity.” (Victor Hugo)

We. Ensure. Success.

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Project Insights

Our customers’ success is our success

Pill Fairy – Networking Medical Services

A block chain-based ecosystem for collaborative health applications


The idea behind Pill Fairy is to bring together electronic prescriptions and medication regimens with the goal of digitizing and automating today’s manual processes that take place between patients, physicians, pharmacists and insurance companies.

The design of the Pill Fairy service is consistently based on the key concept of distributed data storage. This ensures that patients retain control of all their sensitive data, not just in theory but in a verifiable manner.

A sophisticated security concept embedded in a flexible identity infrastructure prevents fraud and ensures reliable authentication and the ability to verify all stakeholders and documents. The key component is a private block chain that will be operated by interested stakeholders (such as insurance companies) as a consortium.

Pill Fairy will bring reliability and confidence to medication, while providing comfort and new application scenarios to patients. End-to-end digitization promises to deliver enormous cost savings to the insurance industry.

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Real-Time Customer Management

High-quality recommendations in real time


Being made aware of new services or products and receiving reminders when visiting a website – these are the kinds of things we know from the retail sector. Insurance company websites, on the other hand, are rarely viewed at all. As a consequence, this industry can only collect small amounts of data for analysis. Therefore, generic analytics models are of little use here. Instead, we developed customized advanced analytics models to be used alongside rule sets.

The customer challenge: The company wanted a system that immediately recommends suitable products or services to interested parties who are visiting their website for the first time.
When visitors are offline, our customer’s service can track events from any input sources, group them into sessions and create user profiles. A process-, rule- and model-based recommendation engine then generates recommendations in real time (“Next Best Action” / “Next Best Offer”). A dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the reports and helps to perform quality assessments.

metafinanz assisted the customer in the architectural design of the new service and contributed to the implementation – including the development of a machine learning module and the creation of a DevOps infrastructure.

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“The Pill Fairy service is helping to make networked medicine happen. Blockchain technology is used to prevent fraud, ensure privacy and data security and implement strong authentication based on trustworthy digital identities.”

Customer Endorsement

AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service)

Camunda Framework PoC


Our customer is planning to set up an AI-driven service platform (AIaaS) to support the flexible implementation of various applications. The solution backend mainly consists of a workflow engine that can be controlled via BPMN to orchestrate microservices. The solution is also to include rule-based decision engines, and future user interfaces are required to support chat bots.

First, a provisional application was developed to evaluate the suitability of a Camunda framework with added functions and services with regard to the defined requirements. The results were promising.

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Your. Digital. Future.

Agile Enterprise

Organization + People + IT = Speed³

Self-organization is the key to unlocking the agile potential of your company. And this means empowering self-organized teams to take responsibility and control instead of leaving it to the management.

Cloud Transformation

Green Meadows, White Clouds And a Sunny Future?

We implement forward-looking cloud strategies for your company.
Our focus is on integrating hybrid IT landscapes into modern cloud solutions. For a bright and sunny future.

Workplace of the Future

Future Workplace – Now!

Now is the time to shape the future of work. Build a solid foundation today to reap business success tomorrow. For this to happen, you need to unify processes, corporate culture and technology into a single unit. Better act now!

IT Organization

Give Your Company the Power to Cut Above the Rest.

Digitization is the strongest driver of future corporate success. But who is the enabler of digitization?

Process Automation

manual + digital
= smooth operation!

Process automation unifies your company’s assets: your employees and the technology that powers your business.

Risk and Security

Identifying Risks to Safeguard Operations

Together we identify and assess your risks.

We have earned our customers’ trust as a flexible and solution-oriented partner with over 30 years of industry experience.

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