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Your Onboarding

“We’ll celebrate your first day on the job like it’s your birthday: The presents you receive include a hardware package, comprehensive connectivity, welcoming events and everything that will help you settle in.”


IT Architect / BI Advanced Analytics & Data Science
With metafinanz since 2017


Project Lead / Resilience & Operations
With metafinanz since 1995

Your application

Did you find your dream position on the job portal? Excellent! And if not, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application. If you have any questions, just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Your digital employment contract

We’re into digital processes. You will sign your employment contract digitally and can access all contracts, pay slips, etc. in your digital personnel file from day one.

Taking good care of you

A member of your team will become your personal mentor and will assist with your onboarding process. You will be integrated into teams and projects, get to know our organization and agile way of working and are welcome to share your experiences.

Assessment? What a drag!

It’s all about you and us – and nothing else. We’ll communicate with you in an open and uncomplicated manner and provide ample room for questions and getting to know one another on a personal level – either via telephone, video call or on site.

Welcome to the team

Discover our pre-boarding portal and receive all the tools for your work right at home. Look forward to the welcome events, gather information and dive right into getting to know your colleagues. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Our Corporate Culture

“There’s no hierarchy. I define my projects and tasks and have the full backing of my team. The only thing that’s missing is a boss.”


IT Management Expert / Change & Transformation Angels
With metafinanz since 2009


Project Office Expert / Business Services
With metafinanz since 2013

Agile and self-organized work across the board

We’ve been organizing our work exclusively based on the agile principle since 2018. Self-organization and decentralized structures have replaced top-down hierarchies, and modern working methodologies make us extremely fast and responsive to our customers’ needs. At metafinanz you will work in autonomous teams without superiors based on the concept of distributed leadership.

Experience our agile transformation in the documentary “Changeland”!

Absolute transparency

We interact as equals, speak our mind, are on a first-name basis and uphold the principle of “transparency before secrecy.” Everyone is approachable, and information is freely available. And in our open-space office, consultants and management work side by side.

What else guides us? Hear it all on the metaPrinciples podcast!

Start-up meets the corporate world

A start-up culture and agile organization make us nimble and encourage creative thinking. For us, this means working in a hybrid environment that combines a “beta mindset” with the stability and backing of the global Allianz Group.

Sustainable and responsible

We take responsibility for society and the environment – and we do our share. Join in, share your ideas for a sustainable company or help a social institution by dedicating a “Day of Care” to them! Our teams lend a helping hand.

Be yourself!

You are welcome no matter where you are from, what you look like, how old you are, whom you love, what gender you identify with, what you believe in, or if you have a personal limitation. Together we create a tolerant environment where you can feel at home and develop your potential.


How You Benefit

“In my entire professional life, I have never seen another company that offers the same level of flexibility and benefits across all stages of life. It does not get any better than this!”


Project Lead / Program Management Excellence
With metafinanz since 2020


Business Architect / Incubation Services
With metafinanz since 2007

The right workplace for you

It’s up to you whether you want to work in our state-of-the-art offices in Munich, Stuttgart or Frankfurt, from home, on the go or – when circumstances require it – at the customer premises. What counts for us is the result of your work – not when and where you do it. We support your home office with a fixed monthly contribution. However, we are not exclusively a remote company: We value personal contact – not only at our legendary company parties!

Work and life in balance

You are also flexible when it comes to working hours and you have our full support as regards balancing your lifestyle with your work in the best possible way at every stage of your life. In concrete terms, we offer trust-based working hours, generous vacation arrangements (30 days plus Christmas and New Year’s Eve), self-managed compensatory days, part-time models, sabbaticals, unpaid leave or partial retirement.

Support for families

We support families with and without children through flexible working time models, home office and projects with minimum travel requirements. We will help you find suitable childcare and provide a monthly allowance. And should your parents become in need of care, we’ll help you with this situation as well.

Your salary? An attractive package!

We expect a lot and reward your dedication with attractive fixed compensation and an annual bonus based on the company’s success. In addition, we provide an employee savings scheme and a company pension plan, employee share program and discounts on Allianz products, a company bike, employee leasing for cars, meal allowance, home office flat rate and discounts with numerous partners.

Stay healthy!

We offer ergonomic workstations, fitness programs and workshops on mindfulness and nutrition. Joint sporting events on skis, mountain bikes or stand-up paddling are all about having fun together, as is the B2Run company run or our annual company outing.

Proven excellence

We are regularly recognized as a top employer by Great Place to Work®, and the Corporate Health Award demonstrates our commitment to the well-being of our employees. What about the workforce? 98% think we are “a very good place to work at,” and 96% “would recommend” us. Social benefits, health promotion, pay and profit-sharing are rated particularly favorably.


Your Career Opportunities

“In our agile company that has done away with traditional hierarchies, your career path progresses differently than elsewhere. But it sure is progressing!”


Project Lead / Cloud Transition & Development
With metafinanz since 2018


Business Analyst & Designer / Financial Engineering
With metafinanz since 2017

Career the meta way

At metafinanz, making a career does not simply mean reaching the next rung of the career ladder. Your career with us is as individual, lively and complex as our business. New projects and challenges will shape you. You want to reinvent yourself, change your team, your project, your clients, your focus of activity? Just do it!

Personal development

When we talk about development, we don’t just mean your paycheck – we mean you: your personality, your skills, your network. We promote this on an individual basis, and a lot depends on you taking responsibility yourself. Our wide range of learning formats provide you with what you need, from classic specialist training to health and well-being offerings through to individual coaching. It’s up to you to plot a course and set sail!

Let’s talk about money

Of course, we’re also about money – and we handle this topic in a relaxed and transparent way. We offer you a remuneration in line with market standards, which comprises your fixed basic salary plus a share in the joint success of the company. We will discuss your salary development annually in a process that is the same for everyone. This process is guided by relevant benchmarks, and you pick the people you have these salary discussions with yourself.

Find out here about the modern careers of metafinanz employees and how salary development works with us!


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