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Virtual CISO

Protect your essential assets!

Cyber attacks, information leaks, outdated systems? Security officers have a lot on their plate. At the same time, the number of security products and solutions keeps growing, as are regulatory requirements.

Too much to do with too small a team? This should not be the situation in safety management, but that’s how things are nonetheless? In this case, we have something for you: Security as a Service.
Our virtual Information Security Officer (vISO).


on demand

Our specialists take over your security tasks where needed and with as much flexibility as your company requires. This will take your security management maturity to the next level or establish the foundation for a secure environment.

After all, comprehensive information security is a must, but many companies don’t achieve this due to insufficient staffing levels or a lack of know-how. Whether it’s information security, IT security or data protection, the virtual CISO prioritizes security-related tasks, suggests best practices and acts as a liaison between stakeholders. We can take on a project or mandate as a safety officer virtually overnight – fully aligned to your needs and without disrupting operational processes.

The facts:

According to the BITKOM industry association, system damage, theft and operational disruptions caused financial damage amounting to close to 62 billion euros in Germany alone. At the same time, the shortage of IT specialists is becoming increasingly noticeable, so companies in need of security specialists may have to search for a long time.

Why this matters:

Information security is essential for every company. However, not all companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, have the necessary resources to properly address all aspects of security management. And this puts them at risk!

vciso 3
The future:

To gain the greatest possible protection, companies are well advised to draw on external support as well. This enables you to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data in the long term, while retaining the ability to operate in a flexible and adaptable manner.

Hero Start

Tailor-made security solutions

It takes knowing the threats to ward them off successfully! Our security heroes are veterans of many adventures in security management. And they know that it’s not about whether an IT security incident will happen – it’s only a question of when it will happen. You should be ready for that moment. With the tailored services of the virtual CISO.

These services protect your business:

Security strategy

  • Defining protection goals

  • Protection needs assessments

  • Identifying business critical processes

  • Information security strategy consulting

Security management system

  • Design, architecture and application

  • Introduction or upgrade

  • Interfaces that connect departments, external parties, risk management, etc.

  • Developing and controlling security guidelines

Supply chains

  • Compliance audits

  • Risk assessments

  • Establishing required measures

Project management

  • Coordination with relevant stakeholders

  • Reporting of selected KPIs

  • Project steering

  • Auditing and tracking of implementation plans

  • Training and awareness-raising sessions

Supported norms and standards

#ISO 2700x   #ISO 22301   #ISO 21434   #BSI IT-Grundschutz    #BAIT    #VAIT    #MaRisk   #ISIS 12    #Cloud Computing C5    #Internal Control Systems   #VDA ISA    #GDPR

Your IT security boost

Comprehensive, up-to-date know-how

Demand-driven deployment of security expertise

Resource-saving services

Reliable management system

Coordination of all aspects of information security

Objective risk analyses and safety assessments

Security for your IT projects

We are also happy to support you with your IT projects with the Project Security Office (PSO).

We may not be able to protect the whole world. But we can protect you!

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