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COURSE 1: 26 May 20 – 25 Feb. 21
COURSE 2: 7 Oct. 20 – 15 Apr. 21

Train to Become an Agile Transformation Leader

Become a certified Agile Transformation Leader
and make your company strong from within.

This is about you!
Learn to lead the transformation of your company.

Are you a manager, organizational architect or change agent responsible for taking your organization’s structures and ways of working to the next level?

Learn how to master the challenges of an agile transformation, and successfully implement the process in your business. Learn from a company that set out on its own journey three years ago, so you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Your Trainers

Together with eurosysteam, our partner for systemic organizational consulting, we have developed a training program for agile transformation leaders. It combines in-depth knowledge built over 30 years of systemic organizational consulting with our personal experience to create a unique training experience.

Our team of longstanding eurosysteam consultants has supported various companies in transforming their organizational structure. Our guiding principle is to put people first. We highlight what makes processes complex or agile to show mid-sized companies and large corporations what changes are necessary to improve their workflows. In light of new markets that are becoming ever more dynamic, it is imperative to radically shift the focus to processes that generate value. We look at the system side and combine structural, cultural and leadership aspects to help organizations make their individual realignment project succeed. Each module is built on valuable insights taken from systems theory and scientific research, combined with real-life best practices and considerations that reflect different points of view.


Our partner for systemic organizational consulting

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Michael Fleischmann and Michael Musché are organizational consultants and agile coaches. Before entering the field of transformation, they worked in leadership and management positions for many years. Both were instrumental in shaping the transformation of metafinanz, so they know what it means to work in an agile organization – and they also know that the path that leads there is not always easy. Today, they pass on their experience as consultants and trainers.

3 modules, 6 months, 1 certificate

Three course modules spread across a 6-month period teach you the essentials of a successful agile transformation. In discussions with experts, you will learn what challenges lie ahead: looking at the big picture without losing sight of details and your employees.

Module 1

Foundational training

26–28 May 2020 or 07–09 Oct. 2020

  • Systemic principles for a better understanding of organizations
  • Learn about all facets of metafinanz’ transformation into an agile organization
  • Preparing your project: Defining the goals for your company

Module 2

Initiating the transformation process

09–11 Sep. 2020 or 02–04 Dec. 2020

  • Consulting model and transformation stages
  • Real-life account of how agile organization changed metafinanz
  • Preparing your project: How to kick-off the process in your company

Module 3

Accompanying the transformation process

18–20 Nov. 2020 or 27–29 Jan. 2021

  • Your tasks to facilitate agile transformation
  • Self-organization and collective intelligence
  • Project execution: How to implement the agile transformation in your company


Retrospection and Graduation

25 Feb. 2021 or 15 Apr. 2021

  • Sharing the experience and reviewing the individual transformation process
  • How to make change last
  • Final presentation for certification

Dates and Attendance Fee

Agile Transformation Leader
26 May 2020
Agile Transformation Leader
7 Oct. 2020
Your Investment
  • The training includes 3 modules of 3 days each, plus 1 day review and graduation
  • Price for 10 seminar days: Total price: €8,900 plus VAT; break meals included
  • Arrival and departure as well as overnight stays in Munich during the respective training dates are to be organized by the participants themselves and are not included in the price.

Become an Agile Transformation Leader! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Michael M

Michael Musché

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