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BizDevOps: Bringing Everything Together

Does this sound familiar?

  • Right before the go-live, everything suddenly comes to a grinding halt due to the emergence of critical bugs.
  • Any change made to the code holds the potential of becoming a threat to the entire system.
  • Your developers do not feel responsible for the entire life cycle of their products.

You’re in good company!

IT is repositioning itself. It is turning into a supplier of business value.
To this end, software development is also breaking new ground.

Modern IT organizations increase the quality of their software products and thus create real added value for their company – based on Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Testing & Approval. BizDevOps connects businessdevelopment and operations and turns them into a single unit.

As a consequence, you need to rethink software development!
This is because rather than just deliver programs, IT should generate business value.

This implies that software development (also) needs a new approach!
After all, DevOps is not the end of development, it is a stage in an ongoing process. These goals are reached with BizDevOps.

Smart Delivery Factory

Shift to the left to save money and nerves

BizDevOps means integrating more business awareness into software development. The path to achieving this lies in functional testing. Rather than performing these tests at the end of the process, they should be carried out as the software tool is being developed.

“Shift left” is the game plan that delivers more quality, more user satisfaction and reduced risk. Specialist tests are carried out at an early stage, because the sooner errors are detected, the less costly it will be to fix them. If defects are relevant to safety or violate regulations, this could even result in heavy fines or damage to the corporate image.

Do you want to quickly deliver working products to your business? We will show you how!

Sounds plausible, but it’s pure theory?
Not with metafinanz!

Granted, putting the process into a chart is easy. The real challenge is not plain to see, because you can’t prescribe BizDevOps, you have to live it. It’s about processes, methods, tools and – last but not least – a new mindset. In other words: It touches on everything and affects everyone.

You just have to really want it
You need to understand and embrace BizDevOps holistically. This doesn’t make it any easier, and it will take some time. Our comprehensive services support you all the way. We advise and accompany your IT organization until you have set up a new software development life cycle (SDLC). We support you in selecting tools, defining processes, deciding on the right method mix and introducing cultural change.

Together we help your developers go beyond mere coding by actually understanding your business. And, in the same vein, we make the business side understand and appreciate IT. Shield yourself against unwanted surprises!

BizDevOps delivers added value

BizDevOps: IT, business and customers stand to benefit!

  • Effective software development
  • High-quality software products
  • Awareness of the business side in IT – and vice versa
  • Shorter cycle times from the initial idea to delivery
  • Agile workflows based on frameworks such as SAFe or LeSS
  • Improved deployment planning and staging

Simply put:
improved customer satisfaction and more added value for your company!

Start with your individual requirements:

The Four Classics

Consultants often use the phrase: “It depends.” While this does little to answer your questions, it still is true since no two companies are the same. Nevertheless, we have found that there are four categories that accurately describe most business requirements.

Modernize methods

“We want to significantly increase the quality of the software, taking advantage of the capabilities of a modern SDLC (software delivery life cycle). This includes automation, continuous testing/approval and line-of-business integration.”

Comply with regulations

“I have the need to meet legal requirements regarding data protection, security and traceability. Additionally, I want to use secure cloud services and (de facto) standard software.”

Increase effectiveness

“We don’t want our developers wasting unnecessary time in areas that can be automated. Testing should take place in the right place and should focus on the right things to ultimately increase product quality and reduce our expenditure in terms of cost and time.”


“I want to build a modern SDLC from the ground up properly and in an efficient manner. This includes state-of-the-art knowledge of modern software development with CI/CD/CA as well as the right methodology and the ability to scale.”

Our Offer


We determine the status quo in the areas of:

  • Team agility
  • Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Architecture and design
  • DevOps practices
  • Org structure, culture and incentives
  • Standardization

Based on our findings, we develop a tailor-made consulting and coaching approach for you.


Coaching in the use of modern BizDevOps toolchains in terms of technology, strategies, team and agile methodologies.

Concept Development

On-target concepts, implementation plans and software recommendations

Setup and Implementation

Setup of a DevOps CD/CD toolchain and integration of method modules for CT/CA.

Our Methodological Toolbox

Business is assigned a clear role to ensure the perfect interaction between development (DEV) and operations (OPS)

Benefit from Our Strengths

meta redpfeil  From big business to small details

We are familiar with extensive corporate structures and can answer detailed questions. Both are of equal importance in building a high-quality solution.

meta redpfeil A large toolbox

We cooperate closely with market leaders such as Tricentis and Atlassian. Add-ons: Open source standard tools and packaged applications.

meta redpfeil  Everything from a single source

Technology, culture, methodology… as well as business management, organization and regulation! We turn your SDLC into a business case.

meta redpfeil  The perfect fusion of old and new

Every IT technology and method has its strengths and weaknesses. We determine the setup that best fits your portfolio.

meta redpfeil  Playing it safe

The financial industry is our home turf: IT security, compliance and data protection in a highly regulated environment.

meta redpfeil  At home@beta

We never stand still – and neither will you! Together we make sure that the proven IT frameworks in your business continue to meet your present and future needs.

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