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Modern Working

Future Workplace – Now!

Now is the time to shape the future of work. Build a solid foundation today to reap business success tomorrow. For this to happen, you need to unify processes, corporate culture and technology into a single unit. Better act now!

Focus on people

The workplace of the future is first of all about people. It offers employees and teams the flexibility and mobility they crave. And it provides your company with the productivity and innovative power it needs.

metafinanz focuses on people and technology – and on bringing the two together, so that you can focus on shaping your future.

The facts:

Most companies invest heavily in IT to create the workplace of the future. We generally agree with this approach – after all, IT is our passion.

But there is more to it. It takes a comprehensive development strategy that accounts for organizational structures and working methods to create the future of work.

Why this matters:

Markets change, and so do people. Rather than just focusing on getting more productive and agile, companies must also become more attractive for employees. This can be achieved by creating new forms of cooperation and the use of modern tools.

The resulting benefits include reliable and seamless processes, added freedom to be creative and innovative, as well as an accelerated time to market.

The future:

It takes several ingredients to secure a bright future. The key components are flexibility, mobility, a protected environment and above all, smooth collaboration.

This way you bring the best out of your employees and achieve the best result for your company.

Our Services

End-to-End Solutions for Your Company

We give 100% to help you build the workplace of the future

  • We provide consulting on technical and organizational questions
  • We implement your decisions

Our key services:

  • Organizational change
  • Implementation of modern standard solutions (including Microsoft O 365, SAP SuccessFactors, ServiceNow)
  • Development of in-house solutions
  • Integration of new systems into your existing ones
  • Training and digital adoption programs
  • In all that we do, we always pay close attention to security and risk


Is your company ready to tackle the task of digitizing work? Can you transfer your existing systems into the new world of work? What is relevant, what has top priority, what enablers can be tapped into?

We apply proven methods and our experience gained in countless projects to find the right answers. Together with our customers, we set the stage for change.


We plan the changes, step by step. We determine the status quo of your company and take a holistic approach to resolving technological and organizational issues.

From day one, we take into account aspects relating to security, privacy and data protection. You can count on this! And you can count on us ensuring that the entire project embraces your corporate culture. Because the future looks different everywhere.


Do you prefer an agile or traditional approach? We are at home in both worlds! Do you want to focus on the cloud or on-premises? What matters most is your strategy! Are you planning on introducing minor adjustments, or are you looking for big change? You decide on the pace and extent of the project!

We take care of project management, the technical implementation and, if you want us to, even training your employees.

New World of Work: Amplify Your Success

meta redpfeil  Communicate more easily

Video and audio conferences, telephone or social media for corporate use: Your employees can communicate efficiently wherever they are. Everything is integrated; information and knowledge flow freely.

meta redpfeil  Collaborate better

Whether in a permanent team or with changing project groups: Your teams can share files and coordinate their collaboration with ease. And they have anytime, anywhere access to all systems.

meta redpfeil meta redpfeil  Work more productively

Agile working methods and modern technologies put powerful tools at your disposal. If you know how to use them properly, you can tap into enormous potential and significantly boost your productivity.

meta redpfeil Networking knowledge

Know-how and experience become visible and can be shared across teams and departments. Put an end to data silos in your company by tearing down the barriers that exist in your organization. Technology alone will not fix the problem – but without modern technology, the dream of enabling an efficient flow of knowledge cannot succeed.

meta redpfeil Enhancing security

Security, privacy and data protection form an integral part of building the workplace of the future from the very start. The success of your project critically depends on this. Whether the project involves cloud technologies or mobile applications – we keep an eye on everything, from faulty processes to human error, so that you can move into the future without worries.

meta redpfeil  Increasing your team’s motivation

Leave your competition in the dust: Integrated modern tools and devices, embedded workflows and visible gains in flexibility and mobility will inspire your employees. As you head into the future, this will be a decisive factor in ensuring the success of your company.

This is how we live and breathe the future workplace and agile working

Would you like to learn more about the workplace of the future? I look forward to hearing from you.

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