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Faster, easier, more efficient

SAP – We Transform Your Preconceptions

You want to move beyond rigid standards? Run SAP smoothly? We allow you to do what many companies dream of because we have already done it at our company: We bring new work and SAP together!

Our over 50 in-house SAP experts offer to pass on their experience to you, ranging from analytics and BI to HR solutions, data migrations and integration with Microsoft or the cloud. The objective: achieve a scalable and flexible transformation of your SAP landscape – as well as your preconceptions.

Where (virtually) no man has gone before

Increasing complexity meets new work. Take it down a notch by simplifying your SAP processes, meaning all programs! We help you make the monolithic tool more human, the user interface more intuitive and the users more friendly.

It’s all about introducing simplicity. Anything is possible – if you have the will to see it through. Faster processes, a more resilient organization, future-proof systems. Oh, and more value thanks to better analytics, which will provide you with added navigation power on your journey through space. In a nutshell: We help you build a better SAP universe.

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For IT managers:

SAP, the technical control center of your company, needs an update. As CIO, it is your job to accelerate processes and increase the flexibility of the organization while also integrating partners, suppliers and customers. It’s like trying to square a circle. Let us help you tap into the advantages of the cloud, agilize your IT organization and use SAP skills to suit your specific needs.


For financial managers:

Don’t reach for the stars when there are tools for you to achieve actual and tangible results. Do away with complicated financial management and controlling with traditional and new SAP tools. We help you select and use a wide range of solutions that will make your work easier and more predictable.


For HR managers:

New functions in the SAP cosmos allow you to specifically optimize the efficiency and scalability of resource deployment and to identify signs for making sound economic decisions. Here’s an example: People Analytics delivers the functions you need to finally practice evidence-based HR management without being held back by old restrictions. New work based on outdated processes? That equation simply does not check out.


For transformers:

Agile is not a hype, it’s the foundation for building a future-proof company. However, as you will have already suspected, your current implementation of SAP is not the perfect fit. But you can fix this by consistently using modern SAP tools to empower people and put them front and center. Integrated systems that communicate with each other deliver efficiency and simplicity: simply simple!


We Live and Breathe SAP

We are an SAP Gold Partner and have been providing SAP consulting, implementation and development services for many years. Our knowledge not only covers the technical side, but we also focus on strategic aspects. We are firmly at home in the corporate environment – and a medium-sized company at heart.

With our close ties to SAP, our network of partners and our extensive expertise as an SAP solution provider, we will help you achieve the best possible results.

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metafinanz SAP Core Expertise

We provide you with comprehensive consulting and implementation services for your transformation project. 

Regardless of whether you are planning a new application or want to upgrade old software to the latest technologies: We create your solution on the solid foundation of SAP.

Data warehouses are used to perform extensive database analyses and to merge and consolidate data from heterogeneous sources.

Companies need intuitive and intelligent ways to analyze data from a broad range of source systems.

Ask the right questions, uncover correlations and find out where and how you can improve your human resource management.

Are you looking for a suitable entry point to SAP SuccessFactors, the cloud-based HR solution? We assist you with the introduction of the entire suite or help you proceed in a modular manner, every step of the way.

Would you like to learn more about our SAP services? Please contact us if you have any questions.

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