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Risk and Security

Identifying Risks to Safeguard Operations

Together we identify and assess your risks.

Do threats like cyber attacks, business interruptions, payment defaults, faulty processes or angry customers sound familiar?

Nobody wants them, but dealing with risks is simply part of running a company. But which areas of your company are prone to risk? How big is this risk and how could it impact your business? And are there ways to view risk as an opportunity? In order for your company to protect itself where it matters using the right methods, you need transparency – to ensure tomorrow’s success.

Safeguard your business.


The facts:

Technical or regulatory changes affect companies at an ever-increasing speed, and the repercussions keep getting bigger. As a result, the number of risks and their impact on your business are constantly growing.

Your company must find ways to mitigate this risk. Not through patchwork measures, but by means of an all-encompassing strategy.

Why this matters:

External attacks or human error are just two examples of the many risks that can cause unexpected and detrimental consequences.

Only if you take these threats head on by systematically preventing them can you create a solid foundation for growth and innovation in your company.

The future:

A risk management system tailored to your corporate requirements safeguards your business today and into the future.

Integrated security concepts and automated processes protect your operations and data, while also putting control and protection mechanisms in place.

720° View
Integrated Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance

From experience we know that it’s not enough to look left and right, but you also need to look up and down. As a provider of 720° risk & security consulting, we scrutinize all aspects spanning from governance to risk assessment and also perform technical security assessments – in close collaboration with our customers. Our services cover everything, from design and implementation through to secure operations and professional crisis management.



To be effective, security must combine technical and organizational measures and needs to raise awareness among your teams.

Our consulting and implementation services:

  • Implementation of security awareness campaigns
  • Crisis team exercises for C-level management
  • Securing end devices (unified endpoint security)
  • Cyber risk assessments
  • Provision of project security officer (PSO) and ISO services
  • Implementation of red and blue team exercises
  • Installation of modern authentication solutions
  • Integration of mobile security concepts



Without a solid framework, chaos will gain the upper hand. This poses a threat to your business and your corporate image.

Our consulting and implementation services:

  • Quick check of the existing governance structure
  • Analysis of weak points
  • Checking relevant documents for compliance violations
  • Identification of the relevant processes
  • Creation of a comprehensive governance scheme
  • Harmonization of governance with legal requirements
  • Development of on-target measures
  • Use of a proven IT regulation reference model



Risk management can become an integral part of your corporate strategy if you implement the right methods using the right tools.

Our consulting and implementation services:

  • Operational risk management
  • Establishment of digital ethics
  • Conducting an algorithm check-up
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk measurement and management
  • Establishment of forward-looking monitoring systems



Keeping an eye on compliance requirements is an integral part of risk management.

Our consulting and implementation services:

  • 720° view of security, governance, risk and compliance (S-GRC)
  • Design and implementation of enterprise risk management environments
  • Establishment of internal monitoring systems
  • Implementation of suitable GRC tools
  • Ongoing refinement of existing GRC landscapes
  • Provision of a data privacy officer (DPO) service

Benefit from Our Strengths

meta redpfeil  Hands-on experience

metafinanz has been advising and supporting companies in the development of risk management for more than ten years.

meta redpfeil  Structured

We have developed best practices based on our in-depth experience relating to organization and technology.

meta redpfeil  Fast

We draw on standard methods and tools. This streamlines our service approach, saving you both time and money.

meta redpfeil  Comprehensive

Risk management must account for internal and external threats and involves management as much as your employees. We can make this happen.

meta redpfeil  Enthusiastic

We use our own methods and put our substantial know-how to use for you and – last but not least – we truly enjoy serving our customers!

Would you like to learn more about our services? I look forward to hearing from you.

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