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Process Automation

manual + digital = smooth operation!

Process automation unifies your company’s assets: your employees and the technology that powers your business.

You benefit by gaining efficient, flexible business processes that allow you to tap into new business models.

When all cogs of the system operate in unison…

…your business shifts into top gear.

In many companies, however, things are quite different. Heterogeneous processes and high manual workloads slow down workflows time and again.
Process automation provides you with the right tool to optimize your process landscape. We support you in this endeavor every step of the way. And chances are you will identify new business opportunities along this journey.

The facts:

Be it sales, purchasing or at the point of sale: In many places things simply do not run as smoothly as they should. The same tasks are handled redundantly by different people, go in circles or even get stuck altogether. This generates unnecessary friction and costs. In this scenario, it is important to pin-point the weak spots.

We team up with you to do just that. Once the underlying issue has been identified, we interconnect your processes, tear down roadblocks and automate manual tasks.

Why this matters:

Digitization only works when it rests on a solid foundation. You can lay this foundation by optimizing your processes and automating them in the right places. As a result, you will gain the flexibility, speed and innovative strength you need to remain a strong market player.

You also gain better insights into your processes and organization. And you will improve the quality of your products and services by minimizing manual work and focusing on what really matters: your customers.

The future:

Customers expect progress, and the competition never rests. If you look at who is strong in the market, it’s those companies that focus on the right processes. They act with greater flexibility than the competition and adapt more quickly to what their customers want.

Process automation also gives your employees added breathing space, providing them with the time they need to develop innovations and new business models.

We Understand Your Business

No matter how your company operates today, it is essential to look at the big picture, to harmonize processes and to connect them. Our 360° end-to-end solutions will improve your business workflows by infusing them with process knowledge, technology know-how and best-fit project methods.

What about your processes? They benefit as well!

Process automation is not an end in itself. It is all about improving the processes that matter. So you need to ask yourself the question: Which of your processes create value, and which do not?

Does this apply to your industry? It most certainly does!

Process automation works for every industry. There is a lot of untapped potential in any company. Or would you say that all workflows in your company are smoothly orchestrated and in perfect balance?

What about technology? That’s a capital Yes!

Process automation allows you to optimize existing applications such as ERP, BPM or CRM. Do you already tap into the potentials of process mining, robotic process automation or artificial intelligence (AI)?

Does only your technology benefit? On the contrary!

For process automation to succeed, you need to make your employees stakeholders of your change initiative. This is why we closely coordinate the project methodology, change communication and training concepts with our customers. Is your organization ready to make change happen?

Seamlessly Digital Processes

Unburden your purchasing, sales and accounting teams! Process automation empowers every single business unit to exploit its full potential. This will benefit your entire company, while ensuring better quality despite lower costs.

meta redpfeil  Reduce costs

Efficient processes are fast, robust and help everyone achieve excellent results. At the bottom line, this will save you time, money and nerves.

meta redpfeil  Shorten innovation cycles

The ability to develop new products faster allows you to accelerate your time to market.

meta redpfeil  Modernize sales processes

Consider this: Even if you only look at the sales side of things, process automation will open up new ways of reaching your customers – through partnerships made possible by flexible digital ecosystems.

meta redpfeil  Meet compliance provisions

Only a company that has transparent insight into its process landscape is able to operate in full compliance with rules and regulations. All other companies are playing a dangerous game by trusting in sheer luck.

meta redpfeil  Controlled organization

When you do have a clear picture of what is going on in your process landscape and how to improve processes, you have what it takes to fine-tune your organization and align it with your present and future needs.

meta redpfeil  Change your business

Don’t stop at using this process insight to clean up existing processes – but take it as a map that can point you to new opportunities. Because you now have the key to creating more innovative processes or even realizing new business visions.

meta redpfeil  Focus on your customers

Your customers want personalized offers, reliable implementation and multiple options for contacting you… If your processes slow you down, there is no time to tend to these wishes.

meta redpfeil  Fewer errors, improved quality

Nobody likes to make mistakes, but they still happen. Automation has been proven to make processes less prone to error. That alone goes a long way towards improving quality.

meta redpfeil  Competent risk handling

A digitized process landscape helps your company for years to come. This is because it provides you with an early warning system that allows you to quickly identify unexpected weak spots.

Customers and Projects

Biopharma: Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

Data-driven process analysis to identify optimization potentials for the lot release cycle (LRC) process, with a particular focus on quality management, sales planning and warehousing processes.

Insurance: Digital Application Workflow

Consistent digital mapping that captures the entire process from application to the issuing of building insurance policies for direct sales online. Complete automation and integration into the existing process and system landscape.

Sales: Field Service Digitization

Development of mobile solutions for the field service to enable individual product configuration and the conclusion of contracts on site at the customer. Comprehensive process integration with CRM, production and inventory systems.

Business Organization: Optimized Workflow Control

Process analysis of the case processing workload. AI-based prioritization, automatic routing of daily work packages to ensure efficient case-closing processing. Supplementary use of RPA.

Would you like to learn more about our services? We look forward to hearing from you.

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