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Give Your Company the Power to Cut Above the Rest

Digitization is the strongest driver of future corporate success. But who is the actual enabler of digitization?

IT isn’t everything, but digitization is nothing without IT

Digitization touches on all company units and departments. However, the IT team plays a crucial role. IT is the hub that brings everything together and ensures that processes and systems interlock smoothly.

The facts:

Digitization aims to accelerate processes, while keeping organically grown structures in check. IT organization takes on both challenges and is itself part of the change. In order to reconcile imbalances, it must ensure that development and operations grow together. It must eradicate outdated structures, initiate innovations and provide orientation for the entire company.

Why this matters:

Rigid IT structures slow companies down. It is therefore essential to dismantle data silos and make technology more flexible. More than ever, IT teams must focus on the core business. They need to know how best to support innovation and which tools and methods are up to the task. A modern IT strategy thus forms the foundation for accelerating time to market and bringing a high degree of adaptability to the organization.

The future:

Efficient IT management is about leaving the role of service provider behind and becoming an enabler. It is not size that wins the day, but speed. IT weaves the threads of digitization together, based on small, agile units that operate across disciplines and departmental boundaries. This makes for a flexible and competent IT that can respond quickly to constantly changing business requirements. Agility is the result of an IT that does not just assist the business side, but enables it.

Creating New Things.
Without Putting Daily IT Operations at Risk.

meta redpfeil  “DevSecArchOps”

Traditional, agile, hybrid – everything is possible, nothing is set in stone: We ensure that your systems remain adaptable.

meta redpfeil  Turning theory into actual results

As an IT consultancy in the DAX 40 environment, we are familiar with the complex interplay of IT and the organizational structure. Moreover, as a mid-sized company, we collaborate with smaller companies on an equal footing.

meta redpfeil  Always one step ahead

The IT organization has its sights set on the future. It is adaptable, curious and constantly expands its know-how. It keeps tabs on new innovations and assesses them to determine whether they are viable for use in the company. In a nutshell: IT is always one step ahead of business.

meta redpfeil  Organization + IT = Speed²

Everyone learns from IT. It is a pioneer when it comes to agile practices. And it can be an enabler for bringing more agility to the entire company.

meta redpfeil  Attractive employer

You need skilled IT staff? Then give them compelling reasons to join you! Offer them an attractive working environment, exciting projects and a great team. Give your staff space to self-organize, use modern tools and, last but not least, ensure that work is fun.

meta redpfeil  Agile!

We know what we are talking about: Despite our size, we fully operate based on agile processes.

From Analysis to Implementation:
End-to-end solutions that pave the way for innovation

IT Strategy

Objectives, measures and implementation steps

IT Alignment

Stakeholder management

IT Enabling

Setting up technology, methods, know-how and teams

IT Processes

Process analysis, integration and automation

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