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Cloud Transformation

Green Meadows, White Clouds And a Sunny Future?

Past are the days when companies built their cloud on a clean slate. Today, IT landscapes are firmly based on cloud solutions, and there are established processes and structures – but these are generally far from perfect.

We implement a forward-looking cloud strategy for your company. We help you bridge the gap between the old and new world – to make your rose-colored future come true.

Are you ready for the cloud?

  • Are your applications cloud-ready?
  • How can you integrate cloud solutions?
  • What is the best way to connect your existing systems with cloud technologies?
  • How do you secure systems, data and processes?
  • Which technology partners are the best fit?

We bring your company up to speed for the cloud!

The facts:

Cloud technologies have become indispensable. Many companies already use them, and many more plan to do so. But even though everybody is aiming for the cloud, many existing systems will remain in place. Future system landscapes will take a hybrid approach. You can be sure of that!

Why this matters:

Cloud technologies give companies the ability to breathe. Infrastructures and applications can be added or removed on demand, so you no longer have to invest in on-premises resources. In addition, cloud applications allow your employees to work in a flexible manner and without being tied to a specific location. They also benefit from having access to systems that are always state of the art.

The future:

Technical cloud solutions have already become the norm in today’s business world. But it takes individual adaptation to system landscapes, optimal implementation as well as operational reliability to ensure that the investment pays off for your company.

Easily Navigate the Cloud – With Comprehensive Services from a Single Provider!

Regardless of whether your company already uses cloud solutions or is just getting started, and no matter whether your company is small, mid-sized or large: We develop and optimize cloud platforms and applications that satisfy any requirement. Above all, we are reliable! Because we care.


  • Cloud strategy
  • Decision template (costs, security, operating model)
  • Risk assessment
  • Business case
  • Comparison of cloud providers

Solution Design

  • Cloud architecture
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Network architecture
  • Process definition
  • Monitoring


  • Cloud onboarding
  • Cloud implementation
  • System engineering
  • Configuration management
  • Deployment
  • On-premises integration
  • Integration
  • Automation & testing

Project Management

  • Planning
  • Budget/Costs
  • Change management
  • Agile methods
  • End-to-end support


  • Rapid project start
  • Validation and testing
  • Development environment (incl. ADP & CRP)
  • Transition environment


  • DevOps tools
  • Team setup
  • Organizational change
  • Processes

Cloud Security

  • Information security & risk management strategy
  • Security concept & security consulting
  • Cloud risk assessment
  • Business impact analysis
  • Data privacy
  • Cloud encryption
  • IT security audits

Cloud Governance

  • Cloud service catalog
  • Updates & patches
  • Budget & cost management
  • Key management
  • Naming conventions

Benefit from Our Strengths

meta redpfeil  From big business to small details

We are as familiar with extensive corporate structures as we are with paying attention to the smallest of details. And both are of equal importance in building a high-quality solution.

meta redpfeil Technology partners

We work in close cooperation with the two market leaders Amazon and Microsoft.

meta redpfeil  Everything from a single source

In addition to tending to the technology and business management side of things, we also make sure to consider all relevant regulatory and organizational aspects.

meta redpfeil  The perfect fusion of old and new

Every technology has its strengths and weaknesses. We determine the optimal mix for your company.

meta redpfeil  Safety first!

We are at home in the financial industry, and this includes being familiar with all aspects of information security, compliance and data protection in a highly regulated environment.

meta redpfeil  At home@beta

We implement and constantly refine tried and tested IT frameworks to accelerate the implementation process and make it more cost-effective and flexible.

Would you like to arrange a quick checkup? Or do you have questions about your cloud introduction? I look forward to hearing from you!

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