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Business Intelligence

Structure Your Business!

Intelligently develop, clean up and structure your data and put it to use successfully.

Business intelligence (BI) provides the foundation for analyzing information and making sound data-driven decisions. In order for your IT and business departments to benefit from this, you need a consolidated and well-maintained data landscape. We assist you in building a strong foundation for data management, mastering the necessary tools and creating structures that make it easy and intuitive for operational managers to know what they need for their individual reports and where to find this information.

Is your data ready for a business intelligence injection?

You want to gain deep insight into your corporate data, derive meaningful and valuable information from it and put it to productive use throughout the company? All you need to do is prepare the data systematically and make it available to users in a demand-driven, intuitive way.

Well, that’s easier said than done since there are many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to managing corporate data. In most companies, technical and organizational data silos are the norm, as are inadequate data governance processes. However, it takes a systematic approach to business intelligence in order to efficiently reach your goal of turning small data into great business cases.

We will show you how.


Business intelligence, or BI for short, refers to the grand total of solutions used to systematically analyze your own company. This includes the collection, evaluation and presentation of corporate data with the aim of consistently gaining insights that support management decisions.

The facts:

Many companies are still “flying blind,” meaning they do not make decisions based on comprehensive and up-to-date information. Admittedly, there is no standard solution and no tool that can do everything at the push of a button. But BI lays the methodological and technical foundation for accessing, preparing and using data in a structured way.

Why this matters:

Without BI, there is no reporting, no data analytics, no data lakes. BI is a more relevant business tool than ever, and this will not change anytime soon. This is because BI is about helping the IT and business side interact and communicate effectively. If this does not happen, the foundation of your data-driven decisions will crack and crumble.

The future:

A needs-based BI strategy provides modern BI functionality in an agile, compliant and scalable manner. To help you achieve this, we ensure that business departments, IT experts and top managers communicate and collaborate on BI. In addition to consulting, we also offer to implement the strategy. Moreover, we provide targeted training that allows you to tap into additional potential for innovation and for staying ahead of the competition.

Your BI goals, our BI competencies

You want to do more with your data? You want to analyze it flexibly and at low cost? You want to make information accessible on mobile devices and set up a corporate structure that facilitates quick action? Then you’ve come to the right place – we connect people, tools and data.

As experts in BI and data management, we not only build your data refinery, but we also supply the gas station network. You have the free choice of whether to have the gas station attendant refuel your tank or whether to opt for self-service. We also clean up your data garage to create space for innovations. All you need to do is clean the windscreen.

Comprehensive Approach

We design cross-enterprise BI landscapes. Our service offering includes analysis, strategy, data standardization, automated reports, operation, service and staff training.

BI Strategy

The plan is to digitize your business in an effective manner, manage your transformation into a data-driven organization and efficiently orchestrate your corporate data and information management.

Requirements Management

The initial stages are critical to the success of our joint BI initiative: We record, document and consolidate all technical requirements and coordinate them with your specialist departments.

Solution Expertise

Our BI experts create the ideal framework for high-performance, effective and individual BI solutions in the front- and backend. Moreover, you won’t get a single software solution that forces you into any specific direction; instead, you can look forward to a solution that supports all data interfaces.

Tool Expertise

We know the ins and outs of BI tools from market leaders such as SAS, Microstrategy and Power BI. This means that our experts can process all corporate data automatically, intuitively and output it to Excel where needed.

Data Visualization

In close collaboration with you we design dashboards and reports that ensure effective and engaging analytics for all users. This brings added value to your organization across multiple devices.

Self-Service BI

Democratize your data! Modern BI systems enable your employees in the specialist departments to grasp visualizations, reports and analyses without expert knowledge and to generate these autonomously for their own department.

Training on the Job

BI systems can’t read minds, which is why we help your employees understand the technical details of the tools and teach them how to use them effectively. Happy users for happy data.

Experienced Experts

The metafinanz BI team is 25 people strong. Every BI expert is an ambitious, agile and experienced consultant who has acquired firm knowledge of best practices relating to data and reports in many projects and across a broad range of industries.

Customers and Projects

Financial Service Providers: Data Migration

We helped migrate inventory-managed customer data from the legacy system to the platform of a service provider. Scope: The development of architectural components and functionality as well as the creation of ETL jobs to enable automated data setup.

Insurance: Data Exchange

Consistent digital mapping that captures the entire process from application to the issuing of building insurance policies for Internet direct sales. The scope included the complete automation and integration into the existing process and system landscape.

Manufacturing Industry: HR Reporting

Creation of standard and ad-hoc reporting for HR based on Microstrategy and SAS. Scope: Analysis of internal operational control, detailed process tracking and support for process mining and training.

Our Tools

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Do you need support in the area of business intelligence or would you like advice on realigning your reporting processes? Our team of experienced BI professionals looks forward to hearing from you!

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