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AI Artificial Intelligence

The Smart Anything-Is-Possible Machine

Artificial intelligence is not smarter than the people that use it. However, when used properly, it shifts your data analysis capabilities into high gear by greatly speeding up information processing and improving the quality of the results.

We take a pragmatic approach to AI. We support you in identifying use cases, selecting methods, preparing the relevant data, integrating AI into processes with a perfect fit, and we help you maximize employee acceptance. At the end of the day, you will achieve much better results.

Small Effort, Big Impact

AI is a highly versatile tool that can be used to implement a wide variety of projects. Fraud detection, binarization, natural language processing and legal tech – all are powered by AI, but each use case is unique. The key to unlocking this power is hidden beneath the surface.

But no worries: Your data holds answers to almost any business question. To unlock these answers, AI must connect your questions with the right answers. We help you devise and implement the best method for this.

AI als Multifunktionstool

The facts:

AI is not a robotic entity, but a cutting-edge means to an end. At the same time, AI methods are so versatile that they can be used throughout all industries and scenarios. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Why this matters:

AI is a master of incremental improvement and disruption. That’s what makes it so very potent, because it allows organizations to cut costs while at the same time outmaneuvering their competitors. The AI calculation: faster + cheaper + better = more successful.

The future:

Don’t think about the future, think about today: Which processes are sluggish, which tasks involve a high degree of manual action? A small AI solution can provide intelligent answers to pressing questions. Welcome to the future.

A Methodical Approach that Leads to Success

When it comes to AI and data analytics, the key question is how the business is intended to benefit. Once you have established this, you can derive the most suitable method. The use of AI can make a lot of sense in many scenarios across all industries whenever there are processes that do not run as smoothly as they should.

Text & Image Analytics

Using deep learning, AI models can learn to interpret text and images to create seamless processes. This results in processes that are faster, cheaper and more transparent. Moreover, your customers will appreciate the improved quality of service.

Analytical CRM

Who are your customers and what do they want? Customer analytics allows you to shed light onto this. Better yet, it helps you devise targeted measures such as segmentation, lifetime value, shopping baskets or next-best offer to provide incentives for people to become loyal customers.

Fraud Management

AI searches texts, time series and networks for anomalies that might indicate complex patterns of fraud. With the help of human experts, the patterns are checked, classified and learned by the system, resulting in an effective tool for fraud detection and prevention.

AI & Automation

Turn secondary processes into a real USP: HR, finance and procurement are setting new standards thanks to AI. We assist you in transforming your organization, from use case mining all the way to operating your AI solution.

Legal Tech

AI may not have a law degree, but it can still detect weak spots in contracts faster than a senior partner. When lawyers use AI as an assistant, standard tasks can be performed much more rapidly. Low on dazzle, high on impact.


Natural language processing is a method for capturing information from text. You can put it to use to automatically interpret, structure and process documents, receipts and invoices. Natural language generation, on the other hand, takes the opposite approach, turning structured data into readable text. It looks like witchcraft, but it’s all about know-how.

Predictive Maintenance

The best damage is the one that does not occur. To make this happen, AI scans for deviations in operations to proactively schedule maintenance and prevent ad-hoc shutdowns of industrial facilities. This strategy pays off.

Process Mining

Why not let an AI system figure out what prevents a business process from running smoothly? After all, that’s what AI does best: meticulously evaluate data without the need for probing interviews or workshops. The result is based on facts, not gut feeling.

Smart AI

AI as a smart interface for professional auditing: It automatically processes some tasks and escalates other incidents to human experts. This job holds a vast amount of potential for optimization.

From Use Case to Dedicated AI Solution

In AI and data analytics projects, the preparatory stage is critical: You first define the application scenario, then perform analyses and prepare all necessary data. The AI model is the dessert that is served last – with icing on top.

Additional Advantages of AI and Data Analytics

meta redpfeil  Speed

Have you ever met a customer who enjoys waiting for your service delivery? A little speed can make all the difference in gaining the upper hand on the market.

meta redpfeil Efficiency

Do you know controllers who splurge with resources? AI allows you to improve the cost and performance of your organization.

meta redpfeil  Automation

Do you know of any processes that benefit from manual intervention? AI delivers true added value to data processing.

meta redpfeil  Service

Do you know users who delight in faxing their receipts to the company? Automatic smartphone-based image recognition improves the user experience.

meta redpfeil  Reports

Do you know managers who like to meticulously collect their reports from various sources? Acting as a smart cog in the machine, AI provides them with all relevant information, whenever needed.

meta redpfeil  Future

Do you know a company that is planning for a future without data? AI provides you with an elegant and manageable data management tool.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of data analytics and AI? I look forward to hearing from you.

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