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Agile Enterprise

Organization + People + IT = Speed³

Self-organization is the key to unlocking the agile potential of your company. And this means empowering self-organized teams to take responsibility and control instead of leaving it to the management.

“Agile transformation” means replacing hierarchical organizational structures with decentralized structures: As part of this transformation, the company breathes agility into its work processes and methods, IT and the way all employees – including managers – think and act.

We Transform Triangles into Circles

Speed³ is about introducing comprehensive change. It is about transforming a centrally controlled company into an agile one. The transformed company gains the ability to find the perfect balance between innovation and safeguarding business operations.

  • Management-based control becomes team-based self-control
  • “Top-down” becomes “centric”
  • Hierarchy becomes heterarchy
  • Delegating responsibility becomes taking responsibility

Benefits at a Glance

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Accelerated workflows

Agility accelerates work processes and makes project workflows more flexible, thus increases the efficiency of your entire company.

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Reduced costs

Agile methods/procedures allow you to develop and manufacture products more cost-effectively.

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Significant competitive advantages

Your company gains the ability to accelerate time to market, rapidly respond to changes and operate more cost effectively than the competition.

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Stronger customer ties

Customer expectations are always on the rise. Show your target groups that you are right by their side, and be faster than others in responding to changing demand.

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Security and quality

Agility is the opposite of chaos. Increase the quality of corporate performance and decisions by fostering greater responsibility and discipline in the workforce.

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Attractive employer

Agility is attractive! Experience the enthusiasm with which your employees will embrace the paradigm shift at the workplace. And look forward to how it will positively reflect on your image.

Avoid making the same mistakes –
Learn from the experiences we made during our own transformation

Our in-house transformation

We at metafinanz introduced fully agile work processes in 2018! This can work to your advantage as we know the challenges and issues you are dealing with all too well. From day one, we will use agile working methods like Scrum or Kanban to expedite your change. You stand to benefit in two ways, namely rapid implementation of the transformation and hands-on training on agile working methods for employees and managers.

Your Transformation Roadmap

Change is a process, not an objective

Your organization, staff, methods and IT systems are reorganized in an integrated process.

Our team guides you through the agile transformation. Together we develop strategies and structures, initiate changes to your corporate culture, leadership as well as processes and optimize your IT systems.


Get to know us!

You decide how much time to invest: 2 hours, 1 day or several months

2 hours: Agile keynote

We will tell you about our own experience in a presentation. You will learn how our transformation was implemented and the many ways in which we profit from it today.

1 day: Take the agile safari

Get to know our organization on site in Munich! Meet employees, coaches and units, exchange personal experiences and learn how we implement agile working methods.

Several months: Your agile transformation

We set the stage for turning your company into an agile organization – based on a unique service portfolio guaranteed to make your transformation succeed.


Agile safari – Experience an agile company up close

A company without budgets, but with a plan. How do you run a 700+ employee enterprise without managers?
Find out and learn how to shape the future of work. This day will get you ready for the future. #NewWork

New events for 2021 will be announced soon!

Would you like to learn more about our services and events? Just ask me!

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