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SAP Customizing

Create Your Own SAP Standard!

The processes and functionalities delivered by the SAP standard alone are often not enough to sufficiently map complex system processes. Our experts customize SAP systems to introduce customer-specific enhancements based on your requirements. These enhancements, which we develop with dedication and attention to detail, take root in the SAP cloud with SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori, directly in ABAP/ABAP OO or on the HANA platform with open/native SQL or using in-memory technologies.



Everything from a single source

Our metafinanz experts provide you with tailor-made solutions for your specific application scenario – either as a new implementation or by optimizing your existing systems. In each and every project, we make sure that the life of your users is made easier thanks to simple and intuitive operation.

We achieve this through modification-free solutions and top-of-the-line programming. It goes without saying that every project is designed for maximum longevity: a robust and future-proof solution that delivers ease of upgrading to new releases.

Our Development and Customizing Technologies for SAP 

Roter Meta Pfeil
The SAP Cloud Application Programming model – an open framework of tools, languages and libraries for enterprise-class services and applications.
Roter Meta Pfeil
SAP Core Data Services (CDS) can be used to manage semantically complex data models in SAP HANA. These models are defined directly in the database executed in the main memory rather than on the application server. You benefit from a significant boost to performance and have more functions at your disposal compared to those delivered by conventional data modeling tools.
Roter Meta Pfeil
SAP UI5, the latest development toolkit from SAP, is based on Javascript, CSS and HTML5. The easy-to-learn UI5 framework provides predefined graphical controls and separates data logic from the design according to the model-view-controller principle. In addition, it is highly responsive across all devices.
Roter Meta Pfeil
In-memory technology means that resource-intensive calculations can be performed rapidly by directly running on the database level.
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Modern ABAP offers numerous functions and increases the scope of the familiar language syntax. Compact commands allow for fewer lines of code and faster debugging.
Roter Meta Pfeil
SAP HANA XSA is a state-of-the-art application server for native application development. It extends the scope of HANA XS and supports JavaScript, Node.js, Java and C++. During implementation, the language and runtime environment can be freely selected. Applications developed on the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) or with on-premises systems can therefore be deployed without any changes.

Customer Projects

Include comments in reporting

To achieve better transparency and traceability, our customer – a globally active insurance group – wanted to be able to add detailed comments to target figures in Excel and display these in the generated reports. However, Analysis for Office only supported short texts, and there were also performance issues. Controlling was no longer willing to work with this inadequate solution. To remedy the situation, we developed a custom solution in VBA and ABAP that allows for comments of any length that can be automatically retrieved and displayed in reporting.

From eight hours down to a few seconds

Most companies know the kind of situation our client found themselves in: Their home-grown ABAP developments within SAP BW/ERP as well as increasing data volumes resulted in ever slower data processing. At some point, not even the overnight run was enough to complete all jobs.

We streamlined the system by first performing code reviews to identify possible causes such as nested loops or database accesses. By means of performance and runtime analyses (trace), we measured the code in more detail and evaluated the aggregated results to identify weak points. We then remedied the situation by replacing and greatly simplifying the ABAP developments by means of HANA technologies in SAP BW. As a result, runtimes were accelerated significantly. For some functions, processing time was reduced from eight hours to 20 seconds.

Would you like to adapt SAP to your processes? We’re happy to assist you with this project!

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