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Robotic process automation (RPA) is currently one of the leading technologies in the field of structured business process automation.

Heterogeneous process and IT landscapes, regulatory measures and a high proportion of manual activities present companies with the daily challenge of staying competitive in the market and keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digitization. Quality and cost pressures are rising as a consequence, as is the requirement to create lean and efficient processes.

RPA offers a means to reduce major cost drivers and establish innovative products and services while satisfying the growing demands of customers.

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Benefits of RPA

  • Lower process costs
    through the reduction of time-intensive manual tasks, e.g. by means of automated analyses and reports
  • Increased process quality 
    By reducing errors and the resulting need for rework caused by manual interactions
  • Shorter cycle times 
    By immediately triggering the next process step at any time of the day
  • Motivated employees 
    By reducing monotonous and repetitive tasks

What is new?

The “old” world of automation

RPA Map alt2
Traditional automation projects involve the complex task of integrating modern tech into the existing IT system landscape.
The careful selection and, if necessary, adaptation of a suitable tool as well as the subsequent implementation step mean that automation has to be predefined in detail.
Therefore, traditional automation methods are usually time consuming and cost intensive, making them rather unsuitable for smaller automation projects.

The “new” world of Robotic Process Automation

RPA Map alt 1
RPA facilitates rapid process replication, thus reducing the complexity of programming and system integration.
The elimination of invasive system interventions enables rapid process automation and more flexible application.
Thanks to fast development and implementation, RPA is viable even for small automation projects.

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Targeted process assessment – Our RPA team identifies and evaluates the automation potential of your processes.
Leading RPA technology expertise – We are tool-independent consultants who draw on various platforms to provide the best possible support for you.
The perfect team – Our agile RPA team delivers essential skills in robotics, chatbots and machine learning.

Reap the Benefits of RPA

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Project Insights

Our success is our customers’ success.

Focus on process analysis and automation


We helped our client fully automate their time import process for external employees. Previously, it took the customer four days of manual work per month to transfer and verify the times entered by employees. To automate this process, we analyzed the time import workflow and defined requirements. In addition, the process-relevant data structures, data cleansing methods and system interfaces were identified. We also created the design for a fully automated target process and used it to define the robot journey. The final result was a fully automated target process. Essentially, the use of RPA significantly reduced the process cycle time and eliminated the possibility of manual errors.

Accelerated import and checking of employee time bookings in controlling

RPA implementation in the reporting process of a mid-sized customer frees resources

Focus on analysis & aggregation of data sources and automation


We supported our customer in implementing a reliable and efficient reporting process with the help of RPA technology. The time-consuming data aggregation from different sources and the subsequent processing of data and transfer to the central business system tied up many of the customer’s resources. After conducting an analysis of the reporting process to identify automation potentials or requirements, we examined and evaluated all relevant data sources (including the target system). As a result, we were able to implement the automated target process, significantly increased process efficiency and eliminated errors to ensure maximum precision in reporting.

Focus on process analysis and automation


We analyzed the customer’s disbursement process to identify manual interactions and weak points. Based on the findings, we derived automation potentials in the disbursement process. We then analyzed the data and information requirements with regard to systematic and automated data aggregation and defined the design. This was followed by fine-tuning the fully automated target process. Finally, we implemented the complete target process at the customer with the help of RPA technology. This resulted in a 0% error rate in the disbursement process and also freed significant customer resources.

Complete automation of the monthly disbursement process using robotic process automation

Would you like more information?
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Dr. Gregor Scheithauer

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Tel. +49 89 360531-5533



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