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Keeping an eye on operational risks associated with digitization

Changes affect companies at an ever-increasing speed, and the repercussions keep getting bigger. Progressing digitization and increasing regulatory requirements are the key drivers behind this. If you ignore these developments, you should brace yourself for the economic consequences that are sure to follow. because the risk of loss due to human error or system/process failure increases. These operational risks result from weaknesses in day-to-day business operations, personnel, IT or the corporate culture.

Examples of operational risks include non-compliance with different control mechanisms, such as separating the control and approval process for payments (separation of duty), manual input errors, approval of expenses that exceed the approver’s authority or inadequate protection of customer data.

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What our customers want:

  • Control the risk of loss due to human error or the failure of systems or internal processes
  • Be able to cope with increasing complexities in the company

Our Operational Risk Service

We assist you in finding weak points, implementing suitable control mechanisms and taking appropriate countermeasures. In doing so, we always take a fresh approach to maximize your benefits.

Service Overview


Risk assessment




Decision support

Benefit from Our Strengths

metafinanz takes a top-down approach based on a proven risk list to build an internal control system that operates at the Group level.
metafinanz is highly experienced when it comes to implementing operational risk solutions for complex business structures.
metafinanz applies financial mathematics to assist you in quantifying your operational risks.
metafinanz combines your specialist expertise in the creation of an internal control system with our own digitization expertise – this approach sets us apart from the competition.
metafinanz provides you with a one-stop shop for transferring the results of the internal control system into a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) system, thus ensuring continuous IT-driven operational risk management.
metafinanz helps you overcome identified process weaknesses and implement appropriate risk controls.
metafinanz ensures continuous and effective operational risk management, even in the face of major market changes.

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