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Making Governance, Risk & Compliance Fit for the Future

In concrete terms, governance, risk and compliance means you need to collect, evaluate and retain information on external guidelines, internal audit measures, risks and opportunities throughout your organization and present it in a format suited to the respective target group. In view of the rising complexity of business fields and the growing number of multinational business relationships and regulatory requirements, professional IT solutions for governance, risk and compliance processes in the company (GRC processes) are becoming increasingly important.

Excel-based management is no longer an option. Spreadsheets are inefficient and represent a risk in themselves as they are a significant source of error. On top of that, regulators will not tolerate them much longer since they do not offer an adequate level of audit-compliance. You can overcome this challenge by building an efficient and effective GRC landscape.

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What our customers want:

  • Integrate and standardize governance, risk and compliance processes in the company
  • Have a GRC solution in place that covers different areas of operational control
  • Adapt their risk tools to current challenges

Our Governance, Risk & Compliance Service

We analyze the risk management, internal control system and compliance framework of your company. We then integrate various systems as needed to create an integrated and future-ready governance, risk and compliance landscape. This puts you (back) in control and ensures efficient use of your resources.

Service Overview

Analyze: Analysis of your GRC framework

Build: Interlink systems to create an integrated GRC landscape

Maintain: Service your GRC landscape and keep it up to date

Benefit from Our Strengths

metafinanz customizes GRC landscapes according to your requirements.
metafinanz ensures that you understand the features of the GRC landscape based on our unique process model.
metafinanz consultants draw on many years of international project experience both in the corporate arena and with mid-sized companies. Our experts at equally at home in the IT and business world.
metafinanz knows all major tools and how to use them to maximum effect.
metafinanz employees are constantly expanding their know-how, so you can look forward to partnering with accomplished experts.
metafinanz offers you solutions, not products.

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