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Space for opportunities

Risk Management

Risk management is always a custom affair. Your company faces different risks and opportunities and needs to take a holistic approach to dealing with them. Experienced metafinanz experts provide advice and assist you with all relevant tasks, including analysis, strategy development, risk process management as well as secure reporting. This empowers you to tap into the opportunities presented by digitization.

Operational Risk

Keeping an eye on operational risks associated with digitization.

Changes affect companies at an ever-increasing speed, and the repercussions keep getting bigger. Progressing digitization and increasing regulatory requirements are the key drivers behind this. If you ignore these developments, you should brace yourself for the economic consequences that are sure to follow.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Handling governance, risk and compliance in a forward-looking manner.

In concrete terms, governance, risk and compliance means you need to collect, evaluate and retain information on external guidelines, internal audit measures, risks and opportunities throughout your organization and present it in a format suited to the respective target group.

Risk Reporting

Adapting IT landscapes in line with stringent reporting requirements.

The recent financial crisis clearly indicated that many banks and insurance companies were undercapitalized and sometimes underestimated the risks that were hiding in plain sight on their balance sheets.  Legislators in Europe responded to this situation by significantly tightening reporting requirements for financial service providers.

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