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Readymade GRC

Do Not Give Surprises a Chance.

Have you been made to believe that governance, risk, compliance and security require a large investment?

There is a better way: the proven Readymade GRC projects from metafinanz.

Don’t put off dealing with risk until it’s too late!

Gain the Peace of Mind to Focus on Your Business

Is everything in order? Is our business protected? Have we really considered all eventualities?

These questions will never stop – in particular for executives or managers, who are accountable for their actions.

We will not claim that holistic risk management offers the perfect cure-all.

But we promise to bring a great deal of peace of mind to your job.
metafinanz “Readymade GRC” delivers the right mix of tools and methods to do just that.

So you can rest easy!

Why Readymade?

  • Because speed is of the essence.

  • Because you have more important things to do.

  • Because it provides is a solid framework.

  • Because technology and methods need to team up.

  • Because you gain an end-to-end solution that will put you at ease.

A Harmonious Quartet

Governance is about aligning your risk strategy, managing it and launching initiatives that support your business strategy.

Risk management implements these measures and ensures that the way your business handles risk is continuously improved throughout the company.

Compliance describes the control mechanisms and processes in place to meet regulatory and business requirements.

Security is about safeguarding your company’s physical, digital, financial and intangible resources.

What we offer?

As much as you like!

Our GRC experts assist you in establishing a holistic risk system.

Our specialists are not tied to any specific tool and always take the specific situation of the customer into account as needed.

With our help, you will find the appropriate tools, implement them and use them efficiently. As an optional service, we offer to operate your risk applications. The only thing you need to worry about is that our quality of service might overwhelm you.

Benefits at a Glance

Low Resource Investment

Implement your GRC project without tying up any internal human resources. This also means that your operations are hardly disrupted at all.

Perfect Fit

We start where change is needed the most – and this varies with every organization. And we stop when it’s enough. This, too, is different in each company.

Audit Compliant

Your processes and systems satisfy external audits and requirements. Be it legal provisions or guidelines of your customers or business partners.


We tell you the unvarnished truth: The introduction of a GRC system can sometimes deliver delicate insights. That is why many companies prefer to tackle the project themselves rather than wait for external incentives.


You cannot protect yourself from all risks. But you can ready yourself against any risks that are visible.

Business Infusion

When you run your business on a solid foundation, this generates trust among customers and business partners. It also gives you the freedom to focus on your core business.

We look forward to new, valuable partnerships!

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