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Process mining as a means to consistently improve processes in the healthcare sector

Healthcare processes can be lengthy, flawed and expensive. Furthermore, the large number of parties involved in the healthcare system results in complex processes. How can these complex workflows be better understood and improved?

Process mining is a data-driven method for analyzing and optimizing processes. In contrast to traditional methods, results are fact based, and the process is fast and repeatable. In concrete terms, we collect data points that arise in care, administration and billing processes in different IT systems. This allows us to make process flows and process performance transparent by means of an automated procedure. The resulting transparency delivers insights that empower you to provide the right impetus for sustainable process improvement.

Benefits Delivered by Process Mining

Data-driven process analyses based on modern algorithms and platforms optimize processes in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Identification of bottlenecks in the production process
  • Increased process performance
  • Reduced research/production costs
  • Reduced manual overheads
  • Shortened delivery cycle
  • Reduced documentation costs
  • Sustainable competitive advantages

Our Partners

Process mining software market leader Celonis and metafinanz have entered into a partnership.

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Project Insights

Our success is our customers’ success.

Process mining generates intelligence for improving the quality assurance process of a pharmaceutical company.

Focus on process transparency, cycle times and process time drivers

More information

We initially performed a quantitative analysis of our customer’s product release process to identify concrete factors that adversely affected process cycle times. Using a customized process mining approach and individualized advanced analytics and programming tools, our team was able to quickly identify underlying problems in the release process. By drawing on process visualizations and conducting further analyses to determine the status quo, we also uncovered inconsistencies between the data pools of individual business units. Based on this comprehensive root cause analysis, the customer was able to derive targeted measures for improvement to bring more efficiency to the product release process.

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