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Cross-System Digitizing

Blockchain and Beyond

The challenge: Understand the customer’s industrial requirements and map them to an appropriate blockchain-driven infrastructure.



  • Cross-organizational process automation
  • Standardized networking of isolated applications
  • Audit compliance and transparent overview of all transactions
  • End-to-end value tracking
  • Data sovereignty and the ability to control your own data
  • Protection against forging of digital documents, fraud prevention

Blockchain und mehr

We provide end-to-end support for blockchain projects, from strategic consulting and use case evaluation through to the development and implementation of complete solutions.

Blockchain technology is evolving. The first generation focused on processing financial transactions using hard-coded protocols. Soon the range of applications expanded dramatically with the introduction of chain code and smart contracts (second generation). Industrial requirements for confidentiality and data protection, performance and real-time capability gave rise to the third generation. It satisfies these demands and supports the implementation of regulatory provisions.
Strictly speaking, the latest generation is no longer a pure blockchain, but it addresses the same objectives as the previous models.

The metafinanz team is intimately familiar with all of these platforms and knows their advantages and disadvantages. We built this expertise, which includes deep technological know-how, over the course of numerous projects.

Essentially, it’s about harnessing the innovative and often even disruptive potential of blockchain technology for digitization projects and to create collaborative business models. We help you tap this potential in a manner that meets the needs of your line of business.

Our Services

Strategy and Technology Consulting

  • Perform a structured analysis of the application scenario and identify suitable use cases on the basis of defined criteria
  • Analyze functional and non-functional requirements
  • Select a suitable blockchain technology stack including the operating model

Development of Prototypes and Minimal Viable Products (MVP)

  • Testing of essential solution aspects on the basis of rapid prototyping
  • Evaluation of user acceptance in the context of MVPs and pilot applications

Hands-On Training

  • Introduction to the technical side of blockchain theory and practice
  • Development of a criteria catalog that serves to identify suitable use cases
  • Joint development of a smart contract in a live environment
  • Mini hackathon for the implementation of blockchain applications in small groups

Implementation of Custom Solutions

  • Design of on-chain and off-chain data models
  • Design of the software architecture
  • Development of smart contracts / chain code, blockchain apps, backend and frontend components
  • Project management and SCRUM mastering

Taking the Solution Live in Your Enterprise Network

  • DevOps: Continuous integration/deployment on cloud platforms
  • Provision of operational infrastructures for blockchain consortia
  • Creation of Corda compatibility zones and integration into existing code networks

Project Insights

Our success is our customers’ success.

Audit compliance simplifies the clearing process.

International Claims Management

Blockchain-based solution for cross-border claims settlement

More information

As part of a PoC (proof of concept) developed for the client, a private Etherum blockchain was used to automate the reporting and billing processes for motor vehicle claims settlement. The solution even works across national borders. For instance, a person insured with a French insurance company reports an incident during a stay in Italy. The claim notification is received by the Italian branch of the insurer. Notification and invoice payment are mapped using blockchain technology. This is an example of how verifiable transactions can simplify cross-organizational clearing procedures.

Catastrophe Reinsurance

Evaluation of different blockchain platforms based on real scenarios and realistic data

More information

A customer from the insurance industry was interested in blockchain technology when it was still in its infancy – metafinanz assisted them. The focus was on highly specialized reinsurance contracts, so-called catastrophe excess of loss (Cat-XL) cases. We implemented these by creating prototypes on the Ethereum, Monax and Hyperledger Fabric platforms. Our main tasks included the evaluation of these blockchain technologies to assess their practical viability, performance, usability, scalability, integration into enterprise infrastructures, and maintainability of the code.

Blockchain-enabled automation speeds up processing several times over.

Design mindset and blockchain technology deliver a new prototype.

Building a Social Network for Local Electricity

Blockchain-based solution for metering power exchange

More information

A major regional energy supplier and electricity network operator commissioned metafinanz to investigate new business opportunities in the field of cooperative energy management in the context of blockchain technology and to assess their practical suitability. The company finally decided on an infrastructure based on local power exchange. metafinanz developed the matching concept, user stories, business architecture and alternative business models. We also built a prototype app, down to the visual design, for the administration and visualization of a marketplace.

Bitcoin Acceptance

Fast and cost-effective payment processing using Bitcoin

More information

A large international company wanted to offer its customers the option of settling outstanding invoice balances via Bitcoin in addition to common payment methods such as bank transfer. The use of crypto currencies facilitates rapid and low-cost handling of transactions, making them particularly attractive for use in countries where expensive or cumbersome banking procedures are the norm.

The goal of the implementation project was to create a solution for accepting Bitcoin payments conveniently and cost effectively via a third-party provider and to allocate payments to the right end customer. Another requirement was to directly convert incoming Bitcoin payments into conventional currencies and transfer these to a corporate account.

Business-to-business e-commerce – paying bills with Bitcoin as easily as with a credit card.

It’s time to move beyond the hype and see how the insurance value chain is genuinely unlocking efficiency savings and establishing new operating models.

B3i – Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative

Developing a scalable production infrastructure for an international insurance consortium

More information

B3i started off in 2016 as a consortium of 15 insurance and reinsurance companies with the vision of leveraging blockchain technology for the benefit of all stakeholders along the value chain. In 2017, the first use cases based on real smart contracts, but populated with fictitious data, were presented to the public. This consortium has been transformed into a start-up company to better coordinate strategy, financing and development. For more details, visit

As a member of the B3i development team, metafinanz helped design the architecture, performed organizational tasks and was in charge of Scrum mastering. We also developed part of the software and built the development and production infrastructure (DevOps).

Pill Fairy – Networking Medical Services

A blockchain-based ecosystem for collaborative health applications

More information

The idea behind Pill Fairy is to bring together electronic prescriptions and medication regimens with the goal of digitizing and automating today’s manual processes that take place between patients, physicians, pharmacists and insurance companies.

The design of the Pill Fairy service is consistently based on the key concept of distributed data management. And the system ensures that patients retain control of all their sensitive data – not just in theory, but in a verifiable manner.

A sophisticated security concept embedded in a flexible identity infrastructure prevents fraud and ensures reliable authentication and the ability to verify all stakeholders and documents. The key component is a private blockchain to be operated by interested stakeholders (such as insurance companies) as a consortium.

Pill Fairy brings reliability and confidence to medication, while providing comfort and new application scenarios to patients. End-to-end digitization promises to deliver enormous cost savings to the insurance industry.

The Pill Fairy service is helping to make networked medicine happen. Blockchain technology is used to prevent fraud, ensure privacy and data security and implement strong authentication based on trustworthy digital identities.

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