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Of Platforms and Ecosystems – Leveraging New Technologies to Create an Innovative Business Case

The ongoing digital transformation and comprehensive networking of people, organizations and things open up vast opportunities. This delivers new prospects for all stakeholders, right through to innovative business models based on flexible platforms and networked ecosystems.

In this context, it is crucial to identify the potential of disruptive technologies at an early stage and formulate forward-looking strategies. In the financial services industry, trust, security and data protection also play an essential role and must be incorporated into the strategy from day one.

Sustainable project success depends on profound knowledge of the business processes, but there is more to it. A deep understanding of the emergent technologies involved and their manifold interactions is just as important. This includes the identification of suitable use cases as well as testing the technology in a concrete business context.

What our customers want:

  • Early analysis and assessment of the viability of emerging technologies based on relevant internal use cases
  • Securing cross-system and cross-organizational digital business processes with customers and partners
  • Setting up and using trusted digital identities of individuals, organizations and devices in networked ecosystems
  • Speed and flexibility in implementing intelligent business logic and processes on digital platforms
  • Increased service readiness and usability based on automated human-machine communication

We deliver a solid foundation for your strategic decisions.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies

Implement collaborative business models
Create digital networks across system and organizational boundaries using distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts.

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Digital Identities

Improve trust in digital processes
Network sophisticated digital identities and make them usable for digital ecosystems.

Chatbots & AI

Smart control of digital processes
Integrating artificial intelligence into text- and voice-controlled human-machine communication

Workflow & Decision Automation

Digitize flexibly
Infuse business processes with intelligence and transfer them directly into integrated workflows.

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Disruptive technologies lead the way to new business models!

Benefit from Our Strengths

We offer consulting and training services. We always focus on your field of business and your unique use case when assessing the strategic potential of a new technology.
We perform viability assessments for you. We know technology down to the smallest details and do not blindly trust in current trends. We know from experience that innovation involves trial and error, and we will tell you openly and frankly whenever we feel that a certain method or technology is not suitable.
We help you implement the chosen solution. Whether MVP or product development, whether piloting or continuous deployment support in production environments: teamwork leads to success.
We build on experience. Our architects, designers, developers and DevOps specialists are experts in their field. This means they have a firm grasp on innovative technologies, modern tools and methods and know how to implement these.
We care about details. Our specialist knowledge covers business start-ups, establishing new divisions, team management, IT security, closed payment systems and longstanding experience in the finance and insurance industries.
We are passionate about what we do. We see ourselves as dedicated, business-oriented technology enthusiasts who put their skills to best use for you.

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