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Managing Complexity

IT projects and IT programs operate in a demanding and increasingly fast-paced environment. And although project planning is part of everyday life, especially in IT, companies face complex challenges time and again.

More often than not, there is no clear strategy, expectation management and project communication are inadequate, and risk management is not even taking place at all. This problem is further aggravated by unclear or changing objectives and priorities, inefficient resource management without clear responsibilities or high project complexity, to name just a few prominent risk factors.

In many projects, companies fail to achieve the defined goals – or the entire project fails due to project management deficits. These obstacles only increase if there are no experienced project managers to take charge or if the company has not institutionalized a suitable end-to-end project management methodology based on the agile or traditional model.

Program Management Excellence PDF download (german)

What our customers want:

  • Methodical project management
  • Successfully complete projects on time, on budget and in the planned scope
  • Employees who have the right skill set
  • Early detection of problems and efficient crisis management
  • Reliable stakeholder and project communication
  • Standardized tools and templates
  • Reporting to support project management

Our Program Management Excellence Service

Our Program Management Excellence service starts out by sitting down together with you to identify and answer all key questions relating to your project: What are the concrete requirements and priorities? Are there any aspects/topics that should explicitly not be addressed in the project? Which procedural model is suitable for your project? What are the main risks? Who do you need to carry out the project and for how long or to what extent do you need these resources? What budget is needed to complete the project?

Service Overview

Project Competence

  • Knowledge management expertise
  • Agile project methodology
  • Complex program management
  • Toolbox
  • Scalability
  • Fire fighter

Finance Management

  • Cost management
  • Risk assessment
  • Reporting & controlling
  • Business case

IT Project Consulting

  • Requirements management
  • Scope management
  • (Interim) project management
  • Quality management
  • Communication management
  • Process management

Stakeholder management

  • Stakeholder management
  • Change management
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Procurement management (incl. provider management)

Benefit from Our Strengths

The metafinanz Program Management Excellence service delivers comprehensive knowledge and a range of services from which you can select the components you really need.
metafinanz will show you how to structure and plan your project step by step. On request, we also provide end-to-end project management.
Certified metafinanz experts with many years of expertise in a broad range of sectors and industries use up-to-date and proven project standards, tools and templates.
metafinanz takes standard project methods and refines them into tried and tested frameworks based on the experience gained in numerous IT projects with a diverse set of requirements. This sets the stage for accelerating project implementation, increasing flexibility and cutting costs thanks to the use of agile methods, for example, while at the same time ensuring that the standards you defined are fully adhered to.
metafinanz closely cooperates with service providers and experts whom we bring on board as required.

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