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AppNavi – Change Management of a Different Kind

Your users do not know how to make best use of new applications? Are they even resorting to working with old, familiar systems? Is your service desk being flooded with requests for assistance?

Installing new software is one thing. Using it efficiently and productively is another matter entirely. However, the success of an application depends directly on its user acceptance, and traditional training formats cannot properly address this issue. They take too much time, do not account for individual user needs and interrupt daily work. Only a fraction of the course content is actually retained unless it is applied in the employees’ daily routine.

Our AppNavi is the right answer to this problem.

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7 Reasons for Using AppNavi

  • Create learning content within minutes – even in multiple languages
  • Avoid calls to the helpdesk and save resources
  • Assistance right when a problem occurs
  • Implement software more easily and accelerate the learning curve
  • Use new features across the board
  • Easily adapt training materials to new tools or designs
  • Easily enhance existing applications

AppNavi – A Navigation System for Applications

AppNavi is a personal assistant that guides users through the user interface by means of step-by-step web-based lessons. Training is made available to all employees in real time in the respective web application.

AppNavi – Navigation software for the digital workplace

Hands-on: AppNavi in SuccessFactors

Hands-on: AppNavi in SharePoint

AppNavi: Create a route

Our Services

We provide user adoption consulting

  • Analysis of service desk incidents
  • Identification of training needs for “how-to” questions that address the needs of your target groups
  • Identification of early adopters for your applications

We integrate AppNavi into your target systems

  • Integration into your web application in compliance with your security standards
  • Available as a Software-as-a-Service or on-premises solution
  • Software maintenance & regular updates

We create the routes you need

  • Definition of relevant target groups and the level of required tool & process knowledge
  • Learning contents delivered in learner-friendly routes
  • Provision of the routes in your account

We train your key users

  • Introduction to the route editor and the backend
  • We enable your key users to create routes on their own
    (see AppNavi: Create a route)

We adapt your corporate identity

  • Adaptation of the AppNavi to your corporate identity
  • Extension of our standard functionality and design according to your needs

Low effort thanks to interactive user training

Big impact on your change management

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How you benefit from AppNavi:

IT Manager

Take pressure off your service desk by reducing the number of 1st-level support tickets.

  • Extend the runtime of existing applications
  • Provide automated answers to “how-to” questions
  • Optimize the interface between users and service desk

HR/Training Specialist

Increase the motivation of your employees by speeding up the learning curve and providing flexible training options.

  • Create training materials faster and update them with ease
  • Effectively support employees using digital tools
  • Efficient and uniform workflows

Application Manager

Familiarize your users with all features of your application and enable a more immersive user experience.

  • Explain new features quickly and easily and ensure their use across the board
  • New dimension of user experience
  • Enhance your existing applications

Our Security Standards

Better safe than sorry: In order to meet the security requirements of your organization, AppNavi is audited according to OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). We will gladly provide you with an insight into the audits and approvals that have been carried out to date.

Our success is our customers’ success.

“I’m reducing the workload of my service organization. AppNavi can answer many of our employees’ questions much faster with the help of a route.”

Customer Endorsement

Competent. Efficient.

Anytime. Anywhere.

“Today, we are training thousands of users on demand and on the job at a fraction of the previous cost.”

Customer Endorsement

“New features are now being used across the board, so the value of my application is truly boosting employee productivity.”

Customer Endorsement

Innovative. Comprehensive.

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