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Digital Workplace – Striking the Right Balance Between Technology, Security and Acceptance

Distributed, mobile working has become common practice at many companies. And this new mode of working should be just as smooth and comfortable for your mobile teams as working in the office.

The prerequisite for creating and implementing new, digital workplace models is a modern IT infrastructure. It must provide the flexibility of integrating various end devices while also meeting corporate and private data protection requirements. Moreover, user acceptance and a carefully designed workplace environment are also critical to success. After all, your company can only exploit the full potential of new technologies if your employees know how to make proper use of the possibilities offered by the digital workplace.

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What our customers want:

  • Modern and forward-looking workplaces that let them shine as a modern company
  • Distributed and secure mobile working in heterogeneous teams
  • Create flexible options for teamwork
  • Adapted IT systems and workflows

We Support You in Transforming Your Workplaces

Workplace of the Future

Service Description
Office 365, Azure, CRM, SharePoint,
Change & Adoption Management

Adoption Service

Change Management of a Different Kind
AppNavi – The navigation software
trains users in the target application while they use it;
scalable on-demand service

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O365 Enabling Service

Change Management & Adoption – All Hands on Deck
Involve your users in
the change management and
adoption process.

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Service Overview

Office 365

  • Change, demand and rollout management
  • Architecture consulting
  • Digital audit
  • Proof of concept
  • Data protection and information security


  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • Hybrid scenarios


  • Process support
  • Reporting features
  • Project automation
  • Process implementation


  • Collaboration
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Automation/reporting
  • Provider-hosted app

Change & Adoption

  • Establishment of early adopters
  • Definition of personas
  • AppNavi/training programs
  • Change communication

Benefit from Our Strengths

The metafinanz Digital Workplace team delivers a lot of implementation power, is flexible and integrative and has an excellent understanding of the needs of employees.
The holistic consulting approach specifically accounts for information security, data protection and compliance requirements (e.g. separation of business and private data on mobile devices).
In particular in the areas of enterprise mobility management and cloud office solutions, metafinanz ensures that the solutions are optimally fine-tuned to meet your needs.
metafinanz always sets out by analyzing your requirements. Only then do we start to focus on identifying suitable technologies. This ensures that our solutions are driven by the needs of your business, not by technology.
metafinanz is a veteran when it comes to defining, implementing and rolling out workplace systems. We are familiar with the latest technologies (e.g. Cloud, SharePoint Online, Office 365, Teams, Azure) and always use them in our solutions.
Upon request, metafinanz can provide you with test environments. These are suitable for collaboration systems such as SharePoint or Teams as well as for enterprise mobility solutions. This gives you the opportunity to test new ideas without a big investment.

Microsoft platforms, devices and change management – we’ve got it all covered.
Digital Workplace. Creating modern workplaces.

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