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IT Security

Project Security from Kickoff to Go-Live

IT security starts before the kickoff. The project security officer (PSO) is in charge of this. From design and development all the way to release, the PSO takes care of safeguarding the project-relevant IT.

Prevent the project fromhaving to start all over again!

Every IT project requires a customized security process. Without it, the go-live is endangered from the very start. Our PSOs pave the way for the successful project release from day one.


The process includes analysis of the specifications and objectives, coordination with the PSO and acceptance of the concept.

The PSO:

Neutral party among the stakeholders

Having an independent, neutral security expert (external to the business or IT department) brings great advantages:


Transfer of state-of-the-art expert knowledge


Free internal resources and lower training costs


Use as needed: The services are always adapted to the project status


Safeguard your IT project! We look forward to hearing from you.

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