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INSIGHT connected GRC

Our GRC Framework – Secure, Reliable, Networked

Does your governance, risk, compliance and security system feel like a dead weight whose countless formal processes only generate costs?

There is a better way: metafinanz INSIGHT connected GRC.

Open the black box and look forward to fresh methods and exciting insights.

Is your company reaching for the stars?

Then someone should make sure that your organization does not lose its footing in the process. With the right GRC foundation, you’ll be on solid ground at all times.

Granted, governance, risk management, compliance and security (GRC&S) may not be your company’s crown jewels. But you can always rely on your GRC&S system to keep you safe in moments of crises or when attackers are targeting your systems. Remember the tried and proven rule: A good offense may win individual games, but it’s the defense that wins the championship.

A strong defense is in place when committed and competent people efficiently interact with effective and harmonized tools. These must support the game plan – your business strategy – and enable specialists to perform to their full potential. Only when people and methods create a harmonious balance can the defense fend off attacks and allow your forward players to safely reach for the stars.

metafinanz INSIGHT connected GRC supports your team throughout all training phases and on every day of the playing season.

“Go for it, or don’t. Trying does not count.”

Reasons for Using INSIGHT connected GRC

  • You need insight into data rather than storage locations.
  • Because agility and reliability should not be mutually exclusive.
  • Because technology and methods need to team up.
  • Because a solid defense is the basis for a strong offense.
  • So you can take control of your company’s destiny.

A Harmonious Quartet

Governance is about aligning your risk strategy, managing it and launching initiatives that support your business strategy.

Risk management implements these measures and ensures that the way your business handles risk is continuously improved throughout the company.

Compliance describes the control mechanisms and processes in place to meet regulatory and business requirements.

Security is about safeguarding your company’s physical, digital, financial and intangible assets.

The metafinanz offering

Flexible Standards Tailored to Your Needs

Our experts support your company in developing a GRC&S system, integrating it into your IT and application landscape and rolling it out throughout the company. We always strive to standardize the solution as much as possible while allowing for customized features as needed. For example, this approach worked exceedingly well for the RSA Archer integrated platform.

And if you require any other tools, our developers are happy to design reporting solutions, integrators or apps. As an additional service, we also offer to operate these applications for you.

Benefits at a Glance


An agile approach that delivers reliable results. We develop an implementation concept on the basis of your established processes. Tried and tested functions are left in place and are complemented by new features. We call this the “exploratory waterfall,” and our clients can attest to its effectiveness.

Perfect Fit

We start where change is needed the most – and this starting point varies with every organization. And we stop when it’s enough. This, too, depends on the individual project and company. And it goes without saying that we go the extra mile for you.

Audit Compliant

Your processes and systems satisfy external audits and requirements. No matter whether these are legal provisions or guidelines of your customers or business partners.


We tell you the unvarnished truth: The introduction of a GRC&S system can sometimes deliver delicate insights. That is why many companies prefer to launch the project themselves before they are forced to do so due to external pressure.


You cannot protect yourself from everything. But you can make risks and deviations transparent in your environment and within the scope of your activities. We make transparency part of the implementation process. You like surprises? Good for you, but you don’t want them in the context of business operations or during project implementation.


When you run your business on a solid foundation, this generates trust among customers and business partners. Show your business partners that GRC&S is firmly in your grasp and become a role model for them. And whenever a link in the GRC chain is close to breaking, we have your back by providing quick and comprehensive support.

We look forward to new, valuable partnerships!

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Insight connected GRC

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