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Sustainable Protection Thanks to Healthcare Security

Networking in healthcare is advancing at a rapid pace. This has the side effect of making medical devices and IT infrastructures more vulnerable, which poses a threat to both health care providers and patients.

Cyber attacks can endanger people’s health and even their lives, so effective prevention and efficient response in the event of an emergency or crisis are just as important as rapid access to specialist consultants.

metafinanz is part of the Allianz Group and has been advising its insurers on technical and organizational cyber security issues for years. Our team of consultants has international experience in the management of cyber risks and security. Our customers benefit from objective and excellent advice.

Benefits Delivered by Healthcare Security

  • Structured preparation and response to cyber attacks minimizes their impact on the bottom line and reputation
  • Coaching, training and assessments in the field of proactive and reactive cyber crisis management
  • Transparency into cyber threats raises risk awareness within the organization

Service Overview

We bring tangible security and safety to the healthcare sector. Responsible patient care is not possible without a secure IT infrastructure. Modern medicine is increasingly tapping into the opportunities offered by digital networking. This, however, gives rise to an increasing number of cyber attacks on medical facilities. The metafinanz experts offer consulting that specifically addresses this challenge in the area of healthcare security.

Cyber Risk Analysis and Assessment

metafinanz has an expert team of security and crisis advisors who identify cyber risks for clients across the globe. We advise our clients on the development and implementation of appropriate measures to minimize risk.

Development of Effective Prevention Strategies

Safety is a continuous improvement process, but never a final state. We advise on developing effective strategies that address existing cyber risks and reduce exposure to new ones.

Consulting on Implementing Standards-Compliant Security Measures

We advise on the implementation of suitable, standards-compliant security measures at the personal, technical and organizational level.

Training and Coaching of Emergency and Crisis Teams

What immediate measures must be implemented in the event of a cyber attack? How will your company react in the event of extortion by cyber criminals? What information should be communicated to whom? Our cyber crisis team exercises get your decision-makers ready to act with confidence in the event of an incident. We also have a cyber intervention force that can assist you in devising a response strategy following an attack.

Benefit from Our Strengths

metafinanz consultants draw on their vast experience and a broad set of technical skills to deliver meaningful results faster and more reliably than any other provider. We offer comprehensive cyber security services – all from a single source.
metafinanz’ service is based on solid experience in planning, creating and optimizing cyber crisis management plans. The metafinanz consultants have been involved in the largest international cyber crisis drills and put this know-how to use for your company.

metafinanz offers you an experienced and global team that has assisted international organizations in over 250 cases of cyber crisis management and cyber crisis team drills.

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