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Transforming Healthcare with Blockchain Technology

Companies and institutions that want to build digital ecosystems for the collaboration among organizations and/or individuals based on sensitive data need to overcome the challenge of  implementing access to data and its dissemination in a viable manner while at the same time complying with stringent security requirements. These include accessibility to the parties directly involved, verifiability and maintenance of data sovereignty.

In the digital health market, this challenge is particularly daunting since the processed data is highly sensitive.

Benefits Delivered by the Healthcare Blockchain

A distributed, open and secure platform for all healthcare stakeholders enables you to digitize healthcare processes:

  • Better care for patients
  • Reduced costs in the healthcare sector
  • Catalyst for innovation

Typical Application Scenarios and Associated Challenges

Example: Electronic Prescription

A doctor creates a digital prescription and hands it over to the patient. The patient takes it to a pharmacy of their choice. Finally, the prescription is sent to the insurance company for billing.

Example: Care Plan

Outpatient care services, private caregivers, family members and mobile help services use a distributed plan to coordinate their activities, record their services and bill each other.

The challenges to be overcome in these and other scenarios are similar:

  • Ability to mutually identify the acting parties
  • Sufficiently encrypted filing of all user data to any storage media
  • Role- and workflow-based access management
  • Audit-compliant transactions
  • Tamper-proof health documents

Trusted Document Collaboration Using the Healthcare Blockchain

We provide all stakeholders with incentives to cooperate by aligning their interests towards common goals and ensuring that the respective owners are in control of their data. We also ensure that data is exchanged securely between fully qualified participants in a manner that takes into account all applicable legislation and based on the highest data protection standards.

Healthcare Blockchain Ensures Security and Confidentiality

How can security and confidentiality be achieved in practice?
You put your trust in a central operator, cloud vendor or government infrastructure. At least this is the conventional approach. However, more and more citizens feel that this method is no longer adequate. They want to be sure that even on a technical level, only those who need access to their sensitive data will be able to view it. And they want to decide for themselves what data they divulge to whom.

A strong solution that satisfies these demands can be realized by combining data encryption and a distributed rights and access management scheme. Cloud and blockchain technologies are combined in such a way that documents are always stored in a public repository in encrypted format. Various workflows control and coordinate secure access based on the owner-holder-consumer model.

Project Insights

Our success is our customers’ success.

Pill Fairy – Networking Medical Services

A blockchain-based ecosystem for collaborative health applications

More information

The idea behind Pill Fairy is to bring together electronic prescriptions and medication regimens with the goal of digitizing and automating today’s manual processes that take place between patients, physicians, pharmacists and insurance companies.

The design of the Pill Fairy service is consistently based on the key concept of distributed data management. And the system ensures that patients retain control of all their sensitive data – not just in theory, but in a verifiable manner.

A sophisticated security concept embedded in a flexible identity infrastructure prevents fraud and ensures strong authentication and the ability to verify all stakeholders and documents. The key component is a private blockchain to be operated by interested stakeholders (such as insurance companies) as a consortium.

Pill Fairy brings reliability and confidence to medication, while providing comfort and new application scenarios to patients. End-to-end digitization promises to deliver enormous cost savings to the insurance industry.

Read more about the healthcare blockchain use case at

“The Pill Fairy service is helping to make networked medicine happen. Blockchain technology is used to prevent fraud, ensure privacy and data security and implement strong authentication based on trustworthy digital identities.”

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