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Integrated Risk Management

GRC Issues Despite Having Top
GRC Rule Sets in Place?

Your company uses ServiceNow, your GRC team is constantly updating rule sets, but the content is not getting to the teams that need it for their daily work? We can help you implement GRC as an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) solution on your ServiceNow® platform. The process-integrated service is always up to date and easy to use across the company. Our USP: We optimize your GRC processes and implement them in ServiceNow based on our risk management expertise backed by solid technology know-how.


Our Offer:
development, introduction and implementation of a GRC framework in ServiceNow

We develop your future GRC processes, create the solution design and implement it in your ServiceNow environment (Build). If required, our experts are happy to provide assistance in operating your ServiceNow platform: 2nd-level support, platform releases and developments for daily operations (Run & Change). We help you identify potential for improvement and implement it (Improve). We also offer targeted development support for small adjustments.

Process Consulting and Implementation

Ensure smooth beginnings: From process consulting to the go-live of your new GRC services – we provide you with comprehensive support regarding all aspects of your ServiceNow project.


  • Process/system & specialist consulting
    We assist you in designing and improving your GRC processes by bringing professional and technical ServiceNow know-how to the table.


  • Demand & requirements management
    By taking professional stock of your needs and requirements, we ensure that the solution is implemented efficiently and in line with requirements.


  • Development & implementation
    Using frameworks, our experts create GRC processes to help you achieve a consistently high level of quality throughout the organization – including a smooth go-live.

Platform Operation and Support

Implementation is an ongoing process. From “keeping the lights on” to upgrades and patches to full housekeeping, we offer you the level of support and operational assistance you need.


  • Keeping the lights on
    Whenever a quick response is of the essence: We resolve your prio 1 incidents and changes to processes or services of the platform within the agreed SLAs.


  • Upgrade & patching
    In addition, we offer to take care of your annual upgrades and patches on your instances to meet ServiceNow specifications and add functionalities.


  • Continuous housekeeping
    Your company and the general business conditions you operate under change constantly – and so do the associated services and processes. We are happy to adapt fields and functions in ServiceNow for you.

Processes, Platform, Organization

To get the most out of ServiceNow, continuous development strategies are just as important as achieving process maturity. Together with you, we set the course to ensure that your processes, platform and organization are fit for the future.


  • Process maturity & improvements
    Obtain and document requirements, develop, test and run smooth operations: Our experts compare target and actual processes to help you close technology gaps effectively.


  • ServiceNow quality check
    Better is better than good: Previous developments are rarely perfect – our professional assessment is based on standards and best practices.


  • Gap analysis lifecycle
    Your organization is only as strong as its weakest link: Experts from metafinanz advise you on whether your organizational structures are in good shape to support continuous improvement and development.

GRC in ServiceNow

We know from experience that GRC in ServiceNow requires a holistic approach. Requirements for processes and services are derived from the strategy. In the next step, they are implemented and tested to clear the path for live operation. All our services are based on solid governance, risk and compliance expertise built over many projects in the context of risk management and highly regulated environments. We place a strong focus on reliability and trust in all we do.

GRC using ServiceNow

I am happy to answer your questions and provide you with a personal introduction to GRC solutions for the ServiceNow platform.

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