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Patient documentation in healthcare facilities

State-of-the-Art Documentation in Real Time. mobile, efficient, transparent.

Without comprehensive documentation, companies cannot have audit-compliant workflows. The unique doc.assist wizard guides doctors and nurses through every documentation task – in a way that is comprehensible, complete and easy to use.

Doc Assist

Automatic generation of all treatment and documentation tasks based on care standards.

Treatment standards describe rules that define how nursing and medical measures should typically be carried out depending on the treatment. Medical and nursing staff can use doc.assist to independently modify or extend these standards.

Based on this information, doc.assist continuously updates all documentation tasks to be completed, which eliminates the need for planning shift activities. The relevant tasks are presented to each doctor and nurse on the mobile device. They can then freely decide which tasks to perform – professionals act, doc.assist provides guidance.

Guided Documentation

  • Complete, high-quality documentation
  • Implementation of existing treatment standards
  • More time for patient care

High Billing Quality

  • Prevent errors or omissions
  • Audit-proof, reduced number of reclamations
  • Entries include complete audit track

Simple, Mobile Use

  • Mobile use on tablets and mobile phones
  • Intuitive input screens
  • Single-hand operation or voice input

Automated Data Management

  • Anytime access to live data, statistics and case archives
  • Creation of personal task lists and daily schedules
  • Data exchange in real time

HIS and End Device Independence

  • Supports every common HIS
  • Runs on all PCs, tablets and mobile phones
  • Rapid and simple implementation and use

Designed to Last

  • Updating of valid treatment standards and compliance requirements
  • Cloud solutions or clinic-owned data centers
  • Flexible licensing models


Easy to Use, Beautiful to Behold

Documentation process

Complete Documentation at Last!

What are the reasons for ignoring documentation systems or using them incorrectly?

Existing tools are often too complex and therefore poorly adopted by users; lack of a mobile infrastructure or one that does not cover all processes; last but not least, the existence of many small stand-alone documentation solutions instead of a unified system. doc.assist maps the entire process of nursing and medical measures and the associated documentation, which significantly saves time and reduces human error.


Dynamic Planning – How Hospitals Benefit

As soon as a patient is assigned a room and a treatment regimen, task lists for doctors and nurses are automatically generated and updated in real time. If required, the tasks can be adapted to the individual needs of the patient based on the professional judgement of the doctor or nurse.

Secondary Diagnosis Standard

for each secondary diagnosis
E.g. diabetes, risk of thrombosis

Diagnosis Standard

for each diagnosis/therapy
E.g.: posterior cruciate ligament rupture

Domain Standard

for each treatment domain
E.g.: sports orthopedics

Pfeile Richtung
Doc Assist Mobile


ULTIMUS – Our Technology Partner

Ultimus Composed Process Solutions

The Ultimus Group develops and distributes software solutions and technologies worldwide with a focus on business process management and low-code solutions. 25 years of experience and customer proximity have created a fertile ground for tech innovation. The loyal international customer base includes mid-sized and large corporations from a wide range of industries.

One for All

We know for a fact that only when everyone benefits will new systems be adopted by everyone.



  • Treatment overview in real time
  • More time for patient care
  • Flexible ad-hoc documentation


  • Convenient organization
  • Automated daily schedule
  • Fast and intuitive documentation


  • No intervention with existing systems is needed
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Flexible licensing models

Hospital Management

  • Improved quality of documentation
  • Reduced reclamations and costs
  • Improved hospital reputation


  • More transparency and trust
  • Consideration of personal preferences
  • More time for personal care

Please get in touch if you would like me to introduce doc.assist to you in person.

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