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Performance Test – Ensuring User Productivity

Today, more and more processes in daily (working) life are being handled online. These include inventory management, processing business transactions, registering for events and making bookings. The demands on the IT systems are high. After all, sometimes thousands of users access the applications concurrently. The user experience can get frustrating very quickly if the tools of the trade do not perform reliably. This adversely affects user acceptance of applications, and, worse yet, a lot of time is wasted due to inefficiencies. Poor performance therefore directly translates into a financial risk for your company.

Consequently, performance testing must be considered a key quality factor. Whether small or large applications, you should always perform performance tests to determine if your systems handle high loads well.

The importance of efficient systems is increasingly being understood more broadly. The CIO of a leading financial firm put it like this:

The feedback we get [from processors…] indicates that performance is a hot topic. We have a lot of work ahead of us...

What our customers want:

  • High-performance applications that support efficient work
  • No surprises when usage increases or after rolling out releases
  • Professional test management in advance, incl. performance measurements and load simulations

Our Performance Test Service

When developing a strategy, we first sit down with you to define important aspects, for example: Who accesses the application? What method is used for this? How are the backend systems stored? Based on the answers to these questions, we create test plans in consultation with you, simulate business processes, perform load tests and measure the performance of your systems every step of the way. We also offer to provide test system support (coordination, administration, technical provision).

Our services help you to effectively counter poor performance and pave the way to an efficient application landscape.

Service Overview

Test Management

metafinanz analyzes your initial situation, creates a test concept together with you, designs test cases and controls/monitors the test project. The progress of your test project is communicated in management-friendly progress reports.

Test Automation

We automate tests that are performed repeatedly (e.g. regression tests). This reduces the cost, resource utilization and duration of the project.

Performance Measurements

We measure the response time for each (simulated) business transaction one step at a time, analyze the results and present them in a manner aligned with the requirements of management.

Load Tests

We scrutinize the performance of the test system by means of scalable tests and determine load profiles.

Test System Support

metafinanz tends to your test systems, coordinates the test slots, controls performance parameters, manages authorizations in compliance with data protection guidelines, and takes care of the technical provision of the environment (version management and data provision).

Benefit from Our Strengths

metafinanz consultants draw on many years of project experience both in the corporate arena and with mid-sized companies.
metafinanz supports you throughout all phases of a project, from development to roll-out and beyond – fully tailored to your needs. In consultation with you we select appropriate proactive measures such as performance measurements, creation of metrics to assess performance, release-related end-to-end measurements of load test environments, as well as reactive measures such as monitoring post-rollout performance, root cause analysis of performance issues and escalation management.
We are highly proficient in the tools commonly used for this purpose, such as HP-UFT, Tosca, Yourkit, SAS/Oracle/Excel, HP Load Runner or Neoload.
metafinanz offers to tend to your test systems. This involves coordination of test slots, controlling performance parameters, managing authorizations in compliance with data protection guidelines, and taking care of the technical provision of the environment (version management and data provision).
metafinanz is a member of the ASQF network of experts and can draw on strong partners who complement the expertise of our own consultants.

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