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Achieve Operational Excellence through Transparent, Sustainable and Digital Processes

We offer individual services and consulting in the area of process mining, process management and robotic process automation (RPA). We specialize in state-of-the-art technologies to optimize the efficiency and performance of your processes.

We create transparency and optimize – We perform data-driven process analyses that leverage process mining algorithms and platforms to x-ray your processes in a fact-based, fast and efficient manner. We then take these findings to implement successful optimizations.

Our solutions are designed for the long haul – We offer consulting on the alignment and implementation of your process management to help you continuously improve your processes.

We digitize – Drawing on robotic process automation, we implement fast, lean and versatile process automation solutions to boost your process efficiency and quality.

Process Mining fact sheets PDF downloadRobotic Process Automation fact sheets PDF download

What our customers want:

  • Transparent and efficient processes that are aligned with the business strategy, customer needs and individual digitization requirements.
  • Fast, fact-based process analyses and targeted optimizations that create operational added value.
  • Implementation of efficient process management backed by state-of-the-art technologies, platforms and tools.
  • Individual consulting services tailored to your processes and business focus.
  • Traditional process analyses that deliver a one-time, static snapshot of your process.
  • Process mining is based on data transformations (ETL), which can be used at any time for follow-up analyses or to validate process adaptations.

Our OPEX Services Make Your Business Processes Fit for the Future

Process Mining

Analyze & Optimize
Identify and implement potentials for optimization quickly, accurately
and efficiently and uncover compliance risks in due time by means of data-driven process analytics.

Process Management

Continuous Improvement
We help you develop a carefully aligned, custom governance solution managed based on an effective control scheme to digitize and improve your business performance in a sustainable manner.

Process Automation

We identify automation gaps in your business processes and implement tailored solutions that deliver cost reductions, increased throughput and improved process quality.

Benefit from Our Strengths

Our process mining experts put their in-depth experience in process analytics, data science and the latest process mining technologies to best use for you.
Our process management experts are highly experienced in planning, implementing and optimizing integrated process management solutions.
Our RPA experts have all bases covered for you, from analysis and implementation all the way to creating RPA services or centers of excellence (CoE).
We draw on years of project experience and best practices for the banking, insurance and IT services industries.
When it comes to connecting the business and IT worlds, we offer a comprehensive range of know-how and services from which you can freely select the components you actually need.
Our consulting excellence is grounded on the fact that we understand your business.

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