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Increasing Your Cycle Rate, Cost Efficiency, Innovation Power and Flexibility

You know what matters to succeed in your industry: consistently exceed customer expectations, hold your own against the competition with innovative products, respond to market shifts decisively and in a comprehensive manner and consistently reduce costs. In the age of Industry 4.0 more than ever, you must find and implement efficient, high-performance solutions to overcome these challenges. In this way, they can continue to make a significant contribution to the productivity of your company and provide a solid foundation for successful corporate growth.

To create a truly smart working environment that fosters excellence, you need optimized workflows, efficient organizational structures and motivated, empowered employees who use your technology the right way. You also need to consistently evaluate, adapt and upgrade these key factors in close alignment with your corporate strategy and operational goals.

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What our customers want:

  • Respond to market changes quickly and comprehensively (time-to-market)
  • Automate and accelerate workflows
  • Create and maintain the visible business processes based on uniform methods without adapting the existing backend systems
  • Minimize routine tasks to gain more time for value-adding

Our Business Process Evolution Service

Whether it’s optimizing your existing business or building new digital business models, our team of experienced process consultants create workflows and business processes in collaboration with you that allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. Our method relies on consistently adopting the perspective of the consumer or user. We develop concrete solution concepts, formulate clear value propositions and, of course, assure that these concepts are implemented in a manner that delivers measurable benefits to you. Our goal is nothing less than becoming your trusted and longstanding partner for innovation.

Service Overview

Analysis of existing process flows

Identification of potentials for improvement

Development of business and technical solution concepts

Taking full charge of and responsibility for implementation

Benefit from Our Strengths

For metafinanz, taking a solution-based approach while also keeping the practical side in mind are two sides of the same coin. We help you get what you need, rather than attempting to build a solution that is theoretically feasible.
metafinanz is convinced that proper process and workflow design consistently puts the needs of the user (customer, end user) first.
Based on comprehensive industry knowledge, metafinanz closely cooperates with your specialist departments. We always strive not only to understand, but also to question the business objective to ensure the result is 100% aligned with your strategy. And we make use of our analytical expertise to identify issues and requirements. This sets the stage for the methodical development of sound workflows and business rules.

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