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Process transparency

Digital Processes

Optimizing process landscapes involves the interaction of different corporate areas and concepts: workflows, organizational structures, employees, business relationships and the proper use of technology. metafinanz analyzes your processes and identifies potential for improvement. Our experts team up with you to develop business and technical solutions and ensure that they are implemented successfully.

Operational Excellence

Designing future-proof digital processes.

Ubiquitous digitization and highly dynamic markets are putting pressure not only on business models, but on almost all processes to meet new market challenges. Companies are forced to align their products and services with constantly growing customer demands at an ever faster pace.

Digital HR

Establishing forward-looking and active HR management.

The digital transformation does not stop at the doorstep of HR departments, which also need to change their way of working. Employees expect their HR department to adopt modern concepts. The central objective of this transition is the establishment of HR as a strong partner for the specialist departments in the company.

Business Process Evolution

Increasing the cycle rate, cost efficiency, innovation and flexibility.

You know what matters to succeed in your industry: consistently exceed customer expectations, hold your own against the competition with innovative products, respond to market shifts decisively and in a comprehensive manner and consistently reduce costs. In the age of Industry 4.0 more than ever, you must find and implement efficient, high-performance solutions to overcome these challenges.

Business Partner Integration

Build strong networks with business partners.

In today’s digital age, companies are expanding their customer base with the help of new partners and platforms. For example, consumer electronics retailers offer product-specific insurance packages, purchases of these are rewarded with payback points, and product comparison portals turn into new marketplaces.

Performance Test

Fully exploit the performance of your systems.

Today, more and more processes in daily (business) life are being handled online. The demands on the IT systems are high. After all, sometimes thousands of users access the applications concurrently. Therefore, performance testing has become a key quality factor. Whether small or large applications, you should always perform performance tests to determine if your systems handle high loads well.

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