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SAP SuccessFactors

Turn HR into a Driver of Digital Transformation

We are experiencing rapid change in the working world. Remote work is replacing traditional office work, online collaboration is making conference rooms obsolete, and agile, flat organizational concepts are challenging rigid hierarchies. This presents HR departments with a great opportunity to redefine itself as a strategic partner for fostering new, modern ways of working.

Cutting-edge cloud-based HR tools empower the HR department to become a key driver of digital transformation in the company.

New working models such as mobile and home-office work are trending

Two examples illustrate how quickly and radically companies have been responding to recent challenges: According to current plans, Google’s entire workforce of roughly 200,000 employees will continue to work out of their homes until July 2021. Siemens’ “New Normal Working Model” is designed to provide 140,000 employees with a more flexible, mobile way of working.

The future of work necessitates fully digitized personnel management

The new world of work is causing epochal change in the business arena. HR departments should seize this opportunity and become enablers of the future of work. However, this step towards “Work 4.0” can only succeed if the HR department itself is comprehensively digitized.

Screenview Cloud basierte HR Plattform

Advantages of a Digital, Cloud-Based HR Platform

Gain more time for productive HR activities through lean, efficient processes and the automation of repetitive tasks

Attract applicants through user-friendly application portals and fast, transparent application processes

Outstanding employee experience through mobile and flexible self-services via laptop, tablet and smartphone

Deep insights and strategic personnel planning based on high-quality and transparent HR data

HR Digitization Fitness Check

Where does HR stand in terms of digitization and what impact is expected for the future of HR? The “HR Digitization Fitness Check” survey addressed these questions.

Digital processes? HR operates mainly based on a technical patchwork system.

Fight over talent? Only a few companies are ready to compete.

Learning & development? Strategy is lacking; digital processes are rare.

Source: “HR Digitization Fitness Check” (Fitness-Check Digitalisierung in HR) survey, HRblue AG, 2020

Metafinanz Digital HR SAP Gold Partner

SAP SuccessFactors
Fully Integrated Digital HR Platform

SAP SuccessFactors is the leading digital platform for managing the entire range of HR tasks. It relieves HR professionals of a lot of unproductive paper-based and repetitive processes and frees up time for tending to those who matter: the employees.

Our Packages Boost your HR Power

Our experts implement SAP SuccessFactors in your organization using individual, customized solutions or with the help of predefined best-practice packages that automate typical application scenarios and HR processes. Each package can be implemented individually as a stand-alone solution.

SAP Digitale HR

Find and Get Top Talent

In order to attract top executives and top performers, companies must position themselves accordingly.
SAP SuccessFactors helps you to

  • stand out as an attractive employer,
  • maximize your reach by being present on thousands of job portals,
  • design application processes in a structured and transparent manner,
  • plan strategically by carefully analyzing key KPIs,
  • train new employees quickly and efficiently.
SAP Digitale HR

Train and Certify Talent

Lifelong learning and ongoing employee development are more critical than ever to the success of your business.
SAP SuccessFactors helps you to

  • continuously develop professional skills of your employees,
  • establish continuing education as a persistent process,
  • enable convenient and easy learning from any location.
SAP Digitale HR

Harmonize Salaries, Performance and Development

Performance and motivation are essential for corporate success.
SAP SuccessFactors helps you to

  • facilitate an ongoing dialog on performance and target achievement,
  • make corporate goals tangible and relevant to employees,
  • assess individual performance as objectively as possible and remunerate it appropriately.
SAP Digitale HR

Secure Key Positions and Promote Talent and Careers

The fight for top talent will intensify in the future, with employees changing companies every four years on average.
SAP SuccessFactors helps you to

  • promote and develop talent in a targeted manner,
  • identify suitable candidates for succession throughout the company,
  • manage employee fluctuation risks and impacts.
SAP Digitale HR

Make Strategic Decisions Based on Solid Personnel Analyses

Many companies waste potential that could be tapped into by analyzing personnel data. People Analytics provides real-time, high-quality data to management.
SAP SuccessFactors helps you to

  • attain uniform key figures and personnel data,
  • make relevant HR key figures transparent to management,
  • perform HR risk analyses and make decisions based on meaningful forecasts.
SAP Digitale HR

Manage Master Data Efficiently and Offer Self-Services

Dynamic markets and more flexible working models increase the administrative burden on HR. What you need are more efficient, digitally driven processes.
SAP SuccessFactors enables you to

  • offer self-services to employees and managers,
  • create a uniform and up-to-date set of master data,
  • establish HR as a partner for strategic business decisions.

Focus on Employee Experience

Mitarbeitererlebnis Prozess

Integration with existing SAP HCM/ERP ensures superior personnel management.

Three Cloud Strategies


Talent Hybrid

SAP HCM is linked with the HXM talent management & analytics suite in the cloud.

Side-by-Side Method

A hybrid model combining cloud and on-premises systems enables international corporations to implement global HR processes using a wide variety of system landscapes.

Core Hybrid

Traditional personnel administration processes are operated in the cloud.<br />More complex topics such as time recording or payroll accounting are performed locally and are integrated.

Source: SAP

SmartStart – Introducing Innovative HR Management the Fast Way

Our SmartStart service delivers efficient plug & play implementation of SAP SuccessFactors. The SmartStart packages were created based on best practices. We adapt these to your needs before implementation. This enables you to introduce SAP SuccessFactors very quickly and successively expand the application as needed.

Rapid deployment, fast implementation: Benefit from SmartStart now!


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Honing the competitive edge. Winning the fight for talent.

Go Digital to Optimize HR Processes

Implementing the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Initial Situation/Objective

Logo Sulzer GmbH

  • Sulzer GmbH, a mid-sized business and IT consultancy identified major weak points with regard to data privacy/protection compliance both in master data and recruiting processes.
  • Furthermore, HR processes generated high manual workloads, for example in reporting, because they were mainly handled with Excel.
  • Managers had little to no transparency into the process.


  • In eight months, metafinanz implemented the following SAP SuccessFactors modules based on an agile project approach: Employee Central, Recruiting Management and Marketing, Onboarding, Learning Management and JAM.
  • Furthermore, the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite was expanded by implementing a “digital personnel file” based on the SAP Cloud Platform.
  • SAP SuccessFactors was also made available to employees as a mobile app for 24/7 access as part of the self-service toolkit.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction of operational HR costs by 25%
  • Transparency and faster access to required information via a central system
  • Attract talent faster and with more success by simplifying recruitment, hiring and onboarding.
  • Introduction of the SAP SuccessFactors app (24/7)
  • Increased employee commitment
  • Smooth operation thanks to key user support
Read the complete success story

Addressing promising talent across the globe. Sparking growth thanks to modern recruiting.

Addressing Applicants in a Modern and Attractive Manner

Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Initial Situation/Objective

Logo congatec

  • congatec AG, a global high-tech market leader with subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, the Czech Republic and Taiwan and a history reaching back almost twenty years, identified potential for improvement in finding and winning over top talent.
  • Application and selection processes were to be made a great deal more modern, leaner and more efficient for HR staff and applicants alike.
  • Complex internal approval requirements needed to be implemented in a tool-driven, flexible and mobile manner.
  • To support sustained and strong growth, the solution needed to be infinitely scalable and intuitive to use by new users.


  • The Recruiting Management, Marketing and Posting modules of SAP SuccessFactors were implemented based on proven metafinanz best practices.
  • After a one-year pilot phase in Germany, the solution was rolled out globally.
  • Approval processes were mapped systemically, including mobile scenarios.
  • Intensive training by metafinanz experts as well as comprehensive documentation ensured that the customer is able to manage the modules efficiently.

Customer Benefits

  • Creation of an attractive and appealing career section
  • Rapid project progress thanks to the best-practice solution and an agile approach
  • Efficient and time-saving recruiting processes, both for internal employees and applicants
  • Flexible 24/7 access via mobile self-services (for employees and managers)
  • Fast rollout to further international branches of the company is possible at any time

Learning and social exchange. Efficient, digital and inspiring.

Personalized and Collaborative Learning

Initial implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Initial Situation/Objective

  • A traditional, globally active manufacturer of enhanced glass headquartered in Berlin wanted to optimize its digital learning processes.
  • Training for the over 1000 employees was still delivered in a classroom setting. The customer wanted to transfer the lesson contents into a learning management system and offer web-based training courses.
  • Administration of the courses, which was still being carried out manually in Excel, was to be digitized and training assignments were to be automated.
  • Furthermore, the customer wanted to foster social exchange between the learners and employees in general.


  • The SAP SuccessFactors modules Learning and JAM were implemented.
  • The modules were configured based on a best-practice approach. This included an extensive test phase during and following which customer-specific adjustments were made.
  • Furthermore, single-sign-on (SSO) technology was implemented to ensure seamless integration with other systems.
  • The project was completed in only about four months, and the entire process was handled remotely.

Customer Benefits

  • Rapid implementation involving all relevant stakeholders
  • Minimal manual overheads: processes are now more efficient and digital
  • Blended learning allows for self-directed, proactive employee learning
  • Recurring as well as on-demand training courses can be mapped to a catalog
  • Extensive self-services and the mobile app deliver maximum flexibility in workforce training
  • Collaborative learning and professional exchange on the JAM communication platform

Embracing digital HR processes. Promoting global business growth.

Employee Focus and Global Process Efficiency

Implementing the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite for a logistics service provider

Initial Situation/Objective

  • A fast-growing logistics company with branches in Germany, Saudi Arabia and the USA wanted to optimize its HR processes and tools by standardizing and modernizing them.
  • Previously disconnected systems, processes and data were to be centralized and modernized. Another goal was to enable uniform and comprehensive reporting.
  • Managers and employees were to gain flexible and location-independent access to master data, learning content, communication and to-dos via comprehensive self-services and mobile scenarios.
  • To support sustained and strong growth, the solution needed to be infinitely scalable and intuitive for new users.


  • The Employee Central, Learning, Recruiting, Onboarding and SAP JAM modules of SAP SuccessFactors were implemented based on proven metafinanz best practices.
  • metafinanz met the customer’s high reporting requirements by providing customer-specific reports with the help of the integrated Advanced Report Designer.
  • To address the need for simple, digital and location-independent time tracking, metafinanz developed the Clock Time Tracker app on the SAP Cloud Platform and integrated it with the customer’s SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite.
  • The Learning module was implemented based on proven metafinanz best practice processes. The customer uses this module not only for the provision of company-specific content but also for employee training during the rollout of the SAP SuccessFactors components.

Customer Benefits

  • Creation of a central repository for all personnel data
  • Provision of modern self-services for employees and managers
  • Generation of business-relevant central analytics and reports at the push of a button
  • High compliance with data privacy requirements
  • Creation of a central channel for communicating with JAM
  • The metafinanz Key User Support keeps the solution up to date and ensures efficient use

Simple and efficient language assessment of applicants and companies

Implementing the SPEEXX Expansion of SAP SuccessFactors

Checking language skills quickly and reliably

Initial Situation/Objective

  • A transport service provider regularly needs to fill positions that involve cross-border activities in Europe.
  • For this reason – and because it is prescribed by law – the customer needs to ensure that applicants have sufficient skills in a variety of languages.
  • The previous process of validating language know-how, which was both costly and time consuming, was to be replaced by an efficient digital solution.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management was already installed.


  • The metafinanz team implemented the “SPEEXX Language Assessment Center” to serve as an SAP SuccessFactors extension.
  • The app enables cloud-based online testing to verify the language skills of employees and applicants and delivers the respective results, which are based on the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR(S),” back to SAP SuccessFactors.
  • The project duration was three months, and the implementation took place exclusively remotely, from initial design to go-live.
  • Implementation was based on SAP Cloud Integration (SCI), which leverages existing APIs.

Customer Benefits

  • Time and cost savings by gaining the ability to perform language assessments anywhere and at any time
  • Various languages can be defined
  • Use of an officially recognized assessment framework (CEFR(S))
  • The solution seamlessly integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, so HR/recruiters work exclusively in a familiar environment
  • Fast, cost-effective implementation and integration with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Apps and Tools that Simplify Daily HR Tasks

Clock Time Tracker:
Record Working Times with Ease

Even after the pandemic, home-office work will be much more common than before. And no matter where your employees go about their work, efficiency is always important. One way of improving efficiency is a mobile and simple means of capturing and recording working times. Our Clock Time Tracker is a ready-to-go solution for SAP SuccessFactors that can do just that.

SmartStart Solution Packages:
Simple Personnel Management for Mid-Sized Businesses

Our SmartStart solution packages introduce future-ready HR processes for mid-sized companies that are smart, fast and secure, thus greatly simplifying their human resource management.


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Modern HR is the key to sustainable business success.
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