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SAP SuccessFactors and HR Processes

Digital HR Processes Deliver
Agility and Efficiency

Agile business and monolithic applications are not a good fit, especially in human resource management. Instead of rigid processes and workflows, the HR team needs solutions that support distributed leadership, teamwork and employee self-organization. SAP SuccessFactors® is ideally suited for this purpose. We know this because we use it ourselves.

How SAP SuccessFactors® Drives Our HR Processes

We are among the first mid-sized companies in Germany to run a fully agile business with more than 800 colleagues.

To this end, we have been successfully using the SAP SuccessFactors® HR solution for years.

The results are impressive. We now have a distributed and flat management structure that embraces personal responsibility, entrepreneurship and strong teams. Remote work, home office and seamless digitization also form an integral part of our corporate culture.

Self-Services – fast, mobile, efficient

We manage our own data, vacation days and absences independently using SAP SuccessFactors®. The tool is configured such that it knows what types of postings each employee is allowed to make. This prevents cumbersome processes and approval processes that move from desk to desk. Relevant information is transferred directly to the HR department, and all team members can view the scheduled absences of their colleagues and are notified when they return. Importantly, the mobile self-services the app provides make us flexible and independent.

Digitale HR Prozesse SelfServices
Digitale HR Prozesse Verguetung

Recruiting – lean, agile, appreciative

Our teams are invited to assist us in the search for new colleagues and the recruiting process in general. These volunteers are stored in SAP SuccessFactors® and work with HR to review applications, conduct interviews and help with the hiring process. This makes for lean and agile recruiting where every applicant is appreciated and cared for. Moreover, the team is automatically informed whenever a new colleague is about to join us, so we can make their first day special and welcoming.

Remuneration – verified, digital, retrievable

We review our salaries in an annual process based on the triple control principle. SAP SuccessFactors® is used to guide the employees, Staff Development and a team member through the process. In addition, each individual salary component is stored in the application and can be accessed as part of the self-service. The monthly salary statement and all other relevant documents are maintained in digital format and can be viewed by employees at any time in their digital personnel file.

Digitale HR Prozesse Verguetung
Metafinanz Digitale HR Prozesse Weiterbildung

Professional Training – select, book, grow

Vocational training, too, is organized based on the principle of individual responsibility. The teams discuss and decide on suitable professional training measures on the basis of the respective strategy and personal development goals. Courses are booked in SAP SuccessFactors® in a fully autonomous manner, i.e. without any additional approval steps.

Feedback – open, consistent, holistic

We do not buy into rigid annual performance appraisals. Instead, we rely on a continuous dialog among colleagues and have a culture where open feedback is appreciated. 360° feedback is only used as a development tool at the express request of employees. This process is supervised by HR with the help of SAP SuccessFactors®. To gain an even more accurate, all-encompassing picture of an employee that combines self-assessment and outside opinions, we sometimes even gather feedback from people external to the organization.

Digitale HR Prozesse Feedback

AppNavi Module

Knowledge on demand – Using SAP SuccessFactors® successfully

Training courses, PDFs, training videos and assistance from colleagues – companies spend a lot of money to familiarize employees with new software. However, these measures tend to yield mediocre results, and the acquired know-how dissipates quickly. Here’s a better way to go about this: Our AppNavi “navigation” service helps HR departments successfully deploy solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors®. The service addresses the needs of employees, candidates and new colleagues during onboarding. AppNavi supports them every step of the way, answers questions and points to efficient solutions – right on target and when they are needed.

SuccessFactors Module

Hello future – Successfully implement SAP SuccessFactors®

Modern times require modern solutions. We use SAP SuccessFactors® to create digital HR processes that are precisely tailored to the needs of agile organizations. We have partnered with many HR and IT departments, so we know how to successfully establish new ways of working. We have analyzed countless processes, tackled challenges and identified opportunities at our own company and for our customers. Let us be your guide to laying the foundation for forward-looking, efficient ways of organizing work.

Agile HR! We look forward to hearing from you.

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