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The healthcare sector is one of Germany’s largest economic drivers. This makes it all the more important for the industry to open up to digitization and take advantage of the opportunities it brings.

Demographics are consistently shifting towards old age. This results in exploding healthcare and nursing care costs. Digital solutions can reduce costs, increase quality of service and save time.

Our digital health initiative is about digitizing processes across sector boundaries.
Because a digital world is a safer world. A seamlessly networked world in which people can decide for themselves how their data is used.


Cross-sector, forward-looking solutions transform the analog world by creating digital experiences and removing obstacles. Feel how health and IT are growing together with digital health.

Our Medication for the Healthcare Sector

We advance digital health to shift boundaries


Healthcare Blockchain

Distributed architectures take the intermediary out of the game and change the balance of power. The resulting opportunities for introducing change brings fair play to health care.


Healthcare Security

Digitization makes medical devices and IT infrastructures more vulnerable. This development is a threat to both health care providers and patients.


Pharma Analytics & Processes

In the pharmaceutical industry, processes, data analytics and the way data is used are under scrutiny and need to be aligned with new ecosystems and platforms.


Fraud Analytics

Digitization does not eradicate healthcare malpractice. But it provides options that did not exist previously. We believe in the power of combining data insight with the use of predictive tools.


Healthcare Compliance

Careless handling of personal data can become very expensive under the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation. It also requires participating institutions to implement additional technological interfaces. Compliant data exchange is no longer possible without modern internal control systems.

Project Insights

Our success is our customers’ success.

Pill Fairy – Networking Medical Services

A blockchain-based ecosystem for collaborative health applications

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The idea behind Pill Fairy is to bring together electronic prescriptions and medication regimens with the goal of digitizing and automating today’s manual processes that take place between patients, physicians, pharmacists and insurance companies.

The design of the Pill Fairy service is consistently based on the key concept of distributed data management. And the system ensures that patients retain control of all their sensitive data – not just in theory, but in a verifiable manner.

A sophisticated security concept embedded in a flexible identity infrastructure prevents fraud and ensures strong authentication and the ability to verify all stakeholders and documents. The key component is a private blockchain to be operated by interested stakeholders (such as insurance companies) as a consortium.

Pill Fairy brings reliability and confidence to medication, while providing comfort and new application scenarios to patients. End-to-end digitization based on e-health promises to deliver enormous cost savings to the insurance industry.

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“The Pill Fairy service is helping to make networked medicine happen. Blockchain technology is used to prevent fraud, ensure privacy and data security and implement strong authentication based on trustworthy digital identities.”

“Real added value for patients and care providers.”


Self-organized outpatient care

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Outpatient care allows people in need of care to stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home – even if they can no longer perform many daily tasks on their own. The list of outpatient services is quite extensive and includes things like shopping, tending the garden, dressing, washing and putting the patient to bed, taking them to the doctor, dosing medication or bringing meals.

Planning and following up on these services takes a considerable organizational toll on the person in need or their representative, usually a family member. The situation is aggravated by a low level of digitization in care, and the few solutions that exist tend to be stand-alone care services.

This is where Care2Care comes in, providing a comprehensive method for self-organized, confidential care. At the heart of the solution are distributed care plans stored in encrypted format. Those in need of care and those providing care can organize these themselves without compromising data protection in the least as blockchain technology forms the backbone for networking the solution.
Care2Care is one of our ambitious research projects in the field of e-health. We are investigating and developing an ecosystem together with the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and its BiPA Accelerator(

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