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Keeping Increased Administrative Burdens as a Result of Digitization in Check

The digital economy makes agility and flexibility a must. This challenge equally applies to mid-sized companies and large corporations. Businesses often develop in a dynamic manner. Companies are sold or acquired, employees are hired or leave the company. This in itself poses major challenges to managers in charge of controlling employee access to systems, machines and buildings.

Other tasks include the secure administration of access granted to external employees or cooperation partners, which is generally temporary and limited in scope. This complex task is often solved locally, which is not a secure approach. Individual departments assign and control access to their specific systems and data. What makes this dangerous is that this method does not grant a bird’s eye view and central control over the entire access management structure.

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What our customers want:

  • Manage access effectively and securely
  • Meet all regulatory compliance requirements

Our Preventive Cyber Technology Service

metafinanz has been one of the key Allianz Group consultants in the area of identity management and privileged access management solutions for years. Our consultants understand what program management is necessary in complex environments and are aware of the underlying technical requirements.

Service Overview

Conception of identity management and privileged access structures

Large-scale and standardized rollout solutions

Program management

Implementation together with IT specialists

Close coordination and collaboration with the Compliance and GRC teams

Benefit from Our Strengths

metafinanz specializes in complex environments, cloud security and securing outsourcing projects.
metafinanz has helped international corporations who were struggling with heterogeneous identity silos and a large share of outsourcing projects.
Your company will benefit from the experience we gained in successfully implementing these projects – from planning through to reliable operation.
As a solution provider, metafinanz offers outstanding technology expertise, in particular in the highly critical area of privileged accounts.
The 2015 Experton study on security services ranked metafinanz “rising star” in the area of identity and access management.

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