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Cyber Crises Damage the Corporate Reputation

Cyber incidents pose new challenges for the company management. Even though digitization delivers tangible benefits and new opportunities, it naturally also creates unknown risks and vulnerabilities. Although these risks can be mitigated through the use of security technologies, they cannot be fully eliminated.

Cyber risks not only cause economic damage, but they can also permanently damage a company’s reputation and standing within a very short time. Nevertheless, only very few companies currently have adequate crisis management procedures in place. However, a controlled response and professional communication are imperative to adequately managing a cyber crisis.

What our customers want:

  • Successfully prevent economic damage as well as damage to their reputation and standing
  • The ability to initiate a controlled response and professional communication to adequately manage a cyber crisis

Our Cyber Security Service

The metafinanz cyber security management consultants assist companies that have become the target of a cyber crisis. Our support covers all levels: We help management understand the situation and develop an appropriate solution to the problem.

Service Overview

Management plans for cyber crises

Cyber crisis team exercises

Coaching and training

Awareness measures

Help for victims of a cyber incident

Rapid task force devises coping strategies

Benefit from Our Strengths

metafinanz consultants draw on their vast experience and a broad set of technical skills to deliver meaningful results faster and more reliably than any other provider. We offer comprehensive cyber security services – all from a single source.
metafinanz offers you an experienced and global team that has assisted international organizations in cyber crisis management and cyber crisis team drills.
metafinanz’ service is based on solid experience in planning, creating and optimizing cyber crisis management plans. The metafinanz consultants have been involved in the largest international cyber crisis drills and put this know-how to use for your company.

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