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Staying One Step Ahead of Cyber Threats

The term “cyberspace” has been around much longer than the IT Security Act. It refers to the internal and external networks and points of contact where companies can be attacked from the inside as well as from the outside. Ever since the passing of the IT Security Act, it has been getting a lot of attention. Cyber risk is currently the biggest challenge companies face.

Therefore, visibility into risks and threats is critical for management and the internal information security team. Transparency and risk reports must therefore be provided in a comprehensible and verifiable manner.

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What companies want:

  • Protect new business processes and business models against cyber risks
  • Enable the best possible protection against cyber threats at all times
  • Provide transparency on cyber risks and threats at all times

Our Cyber Risk Assessment Service

We make cyber risks tangible and transparent. This enables management to make informed decisions and address these risks decisively. Our “risk dialog,” a discussion channel we establish between IT and management, has proven a valuable asset for many companies. We identify relevant risks in a targeted manner and then put together a suitable set of measures based on these findings. We offer you best-of-breed advice in this particular market based on a combination of technical sensor technology, tool-driven evaluation and many years of experience.

Service Overview

Make cyber risks tangible and transparent

Record, analyze and evaluate cyber risks

Raise awareness of cyber threats among management

Strategic consulting on implementation measures

Benefit from Our Strengths

metafinanz consultants know the ins and outs of mission-critical operational procedures for various industries.
They objectively evaluate the situation and recommend cost-effective, viable measures.
metafinanz offers custom analyses, from performing an initial assessment of the status quo through to in-depth organizational audits or technical assessments and penetration tests.
metafinanz empowers your operational risk team to manage cyber risks in a manner that maximizes your company’s success.
As the member of a leading international insurance group, metafinanz is particularly aware of the damage cyber attacks can cause to your business. We understand the consequences from an insurer’s point of view. You will benefit from our hard-learned lessons.
metafinanz maintains a network of top service providers, colleges and universities. This means you will get only the very best solutions.

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