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What makes metafinanz employees special? Which characteristics make us stand out personally and play into the strengths of metafinanz?

I am…

… an explorer.

I have personal goals and am strongly motivated to develop professionally and personally.

… a networker.

I have a strong character and radiate confidence – I excel at active communication and collaboration in a network.

… an enabler.

I am competent, curious and crave success; I am passionate and flexible, and setbacks don’t get me down.

My colleagues see me as…

… an ambassador

who knows what makes metafinanz tick: I live and breathe our values and open communication all the way to the portfolio and strategy.

… a leader

who pushes ahead professional projects to boost innovation and success, both for our customers and within the company.

… an all-rounder

who is always where she is needed to make success happen and celebrate it with the team.

My customers see me as…

… someone who can connect the dots

and who understands their motivation, business context and what it really takes to help them overcome their challenges.

… a mover and shaker

who is agile, attentive, networked and constructive. In short, a responsible person who combines know-how and courage.

a pioneer

…because I inspire them by demonstrating new approaches, technologies and ideas for their projects and show them how to improve their processes in the future.

metaCareer tenets

Careers are individual, fresh and complex – we do not subscribe to career paths set in stone!

Career means increasing market value, rather than looking on the inside without applying benchmarks or considering the market context!

Development is essential in making a career – zero self-development is not an option!

Salary is a consequence of development – not the other way around! With us, the principle of equality does not apply to salaries.

Inequality is fair! When it comes to careers, equal treatment is unfair!

It’s all about succeeding as a team, not about the apparent success of individuals. There is no individual performance, only team performance!

metaCareer means taking responsibility. Without responsibility you have a salary, but no career.

metaCareer also means taking responsibility for acquiring new business, rather than leaving sales success to the Sales team.

With us, project challenges are what shapes your career. New projects and challenges are the key metric of development.

Opportunities arise when you actively collaborate with your manager, rather than simply working by the book or clinging to rigid career paths.


We care about your development! That is why we have high expectations and foster your development on a professional and personal level. A job-specific role model, complemented by an individual training plan, put you on track for horizontal and vertical development. It’s all about finding right mix of development on the job and outside of the office.

Develop your skills.


We keep our end of the bargain by offering you individual training courses at our in-house metaAcademy. The courses are designed to meet your needs in a flexible manner. Our offering includes both technical topics (programming languages, certifications, insurance basics) and training to hone your methodological competence and soft skills.

  • Professionalism
  • Technology
  • Methods
  • Soft skills
  • Key competencies

Our campus sets the stage for our employees’ initiatives. This way you can keep up to date on relevant topics and expand your horizon. You can use this platform to give presentations yourself – on exciting topics that you feel are important. Or listen to external speakers invited to lecture at metafinanz.

We fast track the development of our talent – to help you activate your potential 


Conceptual strength, creativity, focus on results, ability to integrate


Team player, communication skills, consulting and acquisition competence


Holistic thinking, drive to create, leadership, employee development