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You can set up and manage challenging software projects and lead them to success? Then you know that it’s not so much about technology, but rather about the work processes and people involved: your team, the customers and project partners. You connect people and concepts, understand customer needs as well as the concerns of your team, master work processes and can mediate between technological and professional requirements.

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You maintain close ties with your clients, advise them on all business and technical aspects, keep them informed about the project’s progress, budget and timing, and reliably make the team deliver on the client’s requirements. Clients and team members appreciate your clear and open communication style as well as your focus on manageable goals, your commitment and creativity.

Agile Working

Agility has a nice ring to it, but it requires a lot of attention to detail. Working without a hierarchy is great, but negotiating the right way to go about things is not always easy. You need to self-organize and help others do the same. You also need the ability to work with structures that are not agile.

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