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Leverage Information Quickly and React Flexibly

In today’s competitive environment, the success of your company also depends on the quality of your BI infrastructure. For example, your ability to perform comprehensive data analyses, preferably in real time. This is only possible if the analysis is closely intermeshed with the operational side. Companies with administrative structures that have grown over many years or with a heterogeneous mix of access systems face particular challenges when it comes to analyzing large volumes of data. In order to meet of tomorrow’s requirements, a complete system change is often the best answer. This is no small matter, neither for the IT department nor for the other business units. Yet efficient data and information management power your digital transition. And solid data governance is one of the most important prerequisites for holding your own in rapidly changing markets.

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What our customers want:

  • Rapid utilization of information
  • A more thoroughly networked infrastructure
  • Ability to respond to changing requirements in a flexible manner
  • Integrated data and information management 

Our BI Data Engineering Service

When developing an individual roadmap for how to orchestrate a system change in your company, we first set out to answer the following key questions: How can traditional data warehouse and BI solutions be combined with innovative big data and in-memory technologies? How can cloud solutions be integrated while also satisfying data governance and data protection requirements? What staff and which know-how is needed to execute the individual implementation projects? How do you implement the strategy in a quick, efficient, secure and reliable manner?

Service Overview

Architecture and Roadmap

Agile Data-Driven Development

Testing and Implementation Strategies

Data Governance

Benefit from Our Strengths

When it comes to connecting the business and IT worlds, metafinanz offers a comprehensive range of know-how and services that can be tailored to your specific needs.
metafinanz guides you through the process of integrating big data into your BI landscape every step of the way. We support you in your calls for tender and planning relating to BI transformation projects.
Drawing on their many years of expertise, our experts implement modern and proven data management concepts and technologies (e.g. metafinanz Data-Driven Development, Data Vault and Data Governance).
metafinanz takes standard project methods and refines them into tried and tested frameworks based on the experience gained in over 500 BI and analytics projects. This means we can perform integrations faster, more flexibly and more attractively priced with a smaller team, while still adhering to operational standards.
metafinanz closely cooperates with service providers such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, SAS and Microstrategy, which are prominent market leaders in Germany in the field of BI.

If the required technologies are not yet in place at your company, we offer to provide them for your project. We also support you in the selection and introduction of appropriate technologies.

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