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Analyze Data Flexibly and at Low Cost

Any company strives to understand their customers better, tailor offers more individually and predict future trends. Ultimately, the goal is to detect correlations in the data, identify behavioral patterns and perform time series analyses. However, this can only be achieved if the company’s internal IT provides corresponding analysis options quickly, reliably and securely during ongoing operation.

But there is an inherent problem: It takes most IT departments a lot of time to deliver the desired analytics. In addition, misunderstandings can arise easily because IT does not always have insight into the activities and needs of the business departments.

Instead of responding quickly or implementing new ideas in a creative manner, most of the time communication between the relevant parties is somewhat like a ping-pong match. Information moves back and forth, but not forward. This is a costly and time-consuming approach. It takes the right know-how and technology to break this cycle. Modern companies need to succeed in doing so to stay competitive.

What our customers want:

  • Ability to leverage data in all areas
  • Analyze data flexibly and at low cost
  • Also access information on the go
  • A corporate structure that facilitates quick action

Business Intelligence & Analytics

To find out what measures will work best for your company, we first answer key questions together with you: How can we define initial steps, and how can success be made tangible quickly? Which employees are available and to what extent; what know-how is available or lacking? How can your IT department be involved and what are the advantages?

Service Overview


Project planning and transformation

Customized training

Benefit from Our Strengths

Roter Meta Pfeil
metafinanz helps your company expand its business analytics expertise and reduce the cost involved in performing analyses. We also assist you in tapping into the full potential of your BI and thus gain more autonomy.
Roter Meta Pfeil
metafinanz enables your specialist teams to independently apply modern methods and algorithms to get the answers they need.
Roter Meta Pfeil
metafinanz puts the know-how gained in over 500 BI and analytics projects to best use for you. metafinanz consultants focus on the interface between the specialist departments and IT. They bring their expertise to bear to ensure that no more work will be wasted in your company.
Roter Meta Pfeil
metafinanz systematically infuses your company with new know-how during the project. And after its completion, you can always call on metafinanz to learn more. The metafinanz offering ranges from individual coaching to tailored webinars. We also host platforms for exchanging experiences with other customers.
Roter Meta Pfeil
metafinanz closely cooperates with service providers such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, SAS and Microstrategy, which are prominent market leaders in Germany in the field of BI.

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