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Business Analytics

Demands on data management and data analytics are increasing. Never have there been so many and varied formats and sources of information that drive your business. Business intelligence (BI) is the key to tapping into these. metafinanz has implemented projects for major corporations for many years. This means we have what it takes to provide you with comprehensive support, from creating the BI strategy and developing a future-proof architecture through to setting up BI self-services.

Business Intelligence Strategy

Seize the opportunities unlocked by digitization.

Data is growing both in volume and in importance. However, some preparation is required before you can tap into this potential. The existing business intelligence infrastructure needs to be put to the test because grown business intelligence and IT landscapes often rely on a two-pronged approach: the operational side and the planning side.

BI Information Delivery

Leverage information quickly and react flexibly.

Today, the competitive success of a company also depends on the quality of its BI infrastructure. For example, its ability to perform comprehensive data analyses, preferably in real time. This is only possible if the analysis is closely intermeshed with the operational side.

Self Service Business Intelligence & Analytics

Analyze data flexibly and at low cost.

Any company strives to understand their customers better, tailor offers more individually and predict future trends. Ultimately, the goal is to detect correlations in the data, identify behavioral patterns and perform time series analyses.

Data Visualization

Data visualization makes complex corporate data tangible.

Distill essential information from vast amounts of data and present it graphically in such a way that trends, correlations, weak points and impacts become clear at a glance.

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