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Legal Tech Is the Lawyer’s Best Friend

Using legal tech as a digital assistant for drafting repetitive passages of text. The programs are fast and efficient at what they do – without the need for a law degree or holiday entitlement.

Draft Contracts with Ease: Digitalized Legal Processes

Reviewing legal documents is an extremely time-consuming and expensive procedure. Good lawyers are in high demand, but they are few and far between. It therefore makes a lot of sense to draw on artificial intelligence for assistance in this area.

The objective is not to take the power to make decisions away from legal experts. Much rather the goal is to gain support in handling repetitive processes by accelerating and simplifying these with digital tools and specialized functions. The focus rests on the review of textual content of legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements, NDAs or even GTCs. AI systems can learn to compare clauses in specific frameworks, highlight critical sections and suggest alternative wordings.

While this may not sound particularly spectacular, it’s immensely efficient.

Advantages of Legal Tech

Reduced Workload

Your staff spends less time on repetitive yet necessary document checks (e.g. NDAs).


Simple communication on contract wording and contract clauses.


Rapid distribution of new clauses as conditions change.


Processes are accelerated through processing assistance and intuitive operation.


The tools can be easily integrated into existing workflows.


The degree of automation and the quality of analysis increase with each iteration.


The effort required for manual intervention decreases with each iteration.

Designed to Last

Today’s tools are web-based and open source.

Advanced Legal Assistant

“Iudex non calculat?” ALA calculat! Our AI experts have developed a tool to help in-house legal departments pre-screen confidentiality agreements. The Automated Legal Assistant (ALA) is an internal tool that uses a standard interface to capture and classify texts, highlight critical passages and suggest changes. Thanks to this assistant, it only takes three legal experts to manage more than 1,600 projects and 2,100 contracts each year.

ALA’s capabilities:

  • Automatically highlight critical passages
  • Suggest alternative wording
  • Use wording according to current case law
  • Involve legal staff in a targeted manner

We customize legal tech tools
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