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AI & Automation

Extreme Value for Money

Turn your overhead into an advantage! Consistent automation based on selected AI methods allows your organization to become faster, more efficient and better. The only crux of the matter: How do you infuse your processes with intelligence? We assist you in implementing useful and sustainable machine learning and deep learning AI applications in your operational landscape.

Questioning Existing Business Processes

Medium-sized companies, hidden champions and global corporations alike are asking themselves how they can become more competitive, more resilient and more efficient.

The best approach is to automate processes, and AI is the perfect tool for this as it can turn a small project investment into huge benefits. The focus is on legacy processes in HR, finance, procurement, along the supply chain or in the IT organization. We inject fresh momentum into your processes.

Use Cases:
Select, Test and Implement

With AI, it’s always “first the use case, then the method.” We help you define the solution scope, develop scenarios and calculate the return on investment of AI automation.

Analyzing the use cases:

  • What AI and automation potential can be leveraged in your organization?
  • How can use cases be implemented quickly and at low cost?
  • What is the potential for savings, better services or new products?
  • Which solution approaches are viable, and are there ones with a proven track record?

Integrating AI into Existing Structures

AI applications are not about reinventing the wheel. The focus is on introducing fresh impetus, improving existing structures and providing a foundation for new growth.

Analyzing the infrastructure:

  • IT processes such as development, deployment, operation and maintenance
  • Check and weigh technologies and architectures, licenses and costs against one another
  • Take into account the data strategy and data governance
  • Apply DevOps and integrate hybrid cloud solutions

The Old World Is Changing

AI is not an app that runs on a server. Instead, automation takes familiar structures and employees out of their comfort zone. The energy released in this process allows companies to redefine and optimize their organization.

Analysis of the organization:

  • Adapt business processes and the procedural organization
  • Actively support knowledge transfer and development
  • Instill the corporate culture into the workforce
  • Perform transformation and operationalization measures

Our Method:
Introducing Automation Step by Step

AI and Automation

Our Method:
Introducing Automation Step by Step

AI and Automation

More Solution Partners, More Dimensions

From SMEs to corporate groups, from automotive to insurance: It helps to have a partner when tackling big milestones. Benefit from our core competencies and leverage our trusted network of service providers as the need arises. This ensures top-quality onsite, nearshore and offshore delivery as well as scaling.


MHP is a subsidiary of Porsche AG. The industry expert with a strong focus on mobility and manufacturing offers its customers comprehensive IT expertise, in-depth management and excellent process know-how.


The Hackett Group is an international strategy consultancy. Their consulting focus is on benchmarking and the business fields strategy, operations, finance, HR management, sourcing and IT.


The Liebich & Partner management consultancy successfully takes companies to the next level. Key areas of consulting include the development of the business organization and strategy, HR and recruiting as well as sales consulting.

AI meets automation: We look forward to hearing from you.

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